Diego Costa turns 31 in the search for the lost goal

He has gone from making 5 goals in preseason to only one in LaLiga. He has done five in the last two seasons, one every 434 minutes.

When two years and 14 days of that morning in Barajas are fulfilled in which Diego Costa, and especially Simeone, fulfilled a dream, the long-awaited return of the striker to Atlético de Madrid three seasons later, Lagarto turns 31 today in one of his most complicated moments in the rojiblanco team. Because he who returned is not the '19' who scored 36 goals in a season, in that Athletic League champion, if not quite the opposite. Their numbers worry: only five goals in the last five seasons (2017-18, in which he started playing in January, and 2018-19), one every 434 minutes. A baggage too poor to be that forward that Cholo needs.

Five goals only. The same as this Coast, the one that came back finer than ever in the preseason, marked this summer, four of them at Real Madrid, with a connection with João Félix that filled headlines. But it broke down as soon as the official balls began to roll. Costa has been worryingly shutting down, the Cholo trident fails his most important spike, the one on which he has always had all his faith deposited. And neither is Griezmann to fix it. And four of the five games that Atlético has played between this break and the previous one, the team has gone to zero. And so you can only tie. Luckily, Oblak is still the usual Oblak and for

Ten goals had already Costa in 2013-14 on the eighth day

Costa has played 519 minutes in this 2019-20. A goal and an assist. He turns 31 in search of the lost goal. Without Simeone's trust having lost her, but the shadows growing around her. The Beast turned into a cute kitten when they are concepts that do not marry, do not stick, water and oil. Far from the fury, chaos, the 25-year-old Coast that faced the 2013-24 season with Cholo: in the first eight days of that League, he had already scored ten goals.

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