"Internal debate" in Barcelona

The covers of Barcelona stretch the debate. Mundo Deportivo says that there was internal debate at Sinobo Stadium despite winning the Slavia.

In spite of winning 1-2, the debate around Slavia-Barcelona has stretched a couple of days. The bad game of the Catalans had to talk and still fills newspaper pages. "Internal debate", titled its first page Mundo Deportivo before explaining that there was "tension" in the clubhouse for bad team play. The bad faces with which the players left the bowels of Prague Sinobo Stadium were no accident.

No one ended up satisfied with the match and discussed the mistakes in the booth. Barça's savior Marc-André Ter Stegen is the protagonist of the other cover. Sport speaks of the "most decisive goalkeeper in Europe" for his decisive interventions. L'Esportiu, meanwhile, gives his moment to Espanyol, who is the leader in Europe, and also stops at the great moment of Ter Stegen, who has made 14 stops of 16 shots in the Champions League. It is clear that Prague, the place where the environment was officially born, is linked to the controversy in Barça.

Photos from as.com
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