Cuspinera: "You can't walk, except against Madrid"

The Fuenlabrada coach showed his dissatisfaction after the defeat: "I have no idea what to value, to make an assessment of the game does not come out."


Montakit Fuenlabrada coach José Ramón 'Jota' Cuspinera was very upset after the defeat of his team against Real Madrid (89-64) and said he can't walk out of a game, let alone against the white club. "Since we left until I asked for the dead time, we have gone out to walk, from there there has been nothing more. I can not assess a game where we walk, it is not valuable, over against Real Madrid. You can not walk against anyone , against Madrid it will win you the same, even if you walk, "said the coach.

Cuspinera arrived in the press room of the Sports Palace (WiZink Center) visibly angry and thinking that he did not know what to value "I have no idea what to value, to make an assessment of the game does not come out. I think what has been visible has happened, "he said.

The Fuenlabrada coach admitted that facing Real Madrid could have influenced his players, even more after the 116-61 defeat they took in the Super Cup. "But we had raised the game to grow, if we had a 1% chance of winning we have to hold on to them, and if there are going to be, it is because we maintain the rhythm of the game we want to maintain, which is not at full court, because at Madrid running forward is not easy, but it is a matter of custom-made rhythm. We had raised it to grow and we leave here without growing anything, "he said.

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