Cannibal Márquez finishes his 8th World Cup with another victory

The Repsol Honda won Quartararo in the last lap of Buriram to add his sixth MotoGP title. The Frenchman was second and Maverick, third.

Just as Thailand's career was, the headline was on the way to being something like 'Marquez's infinite superiority takes him to the eighth title'. However, the breed that demonstrated again, without any need, this giant little genius, forced something more forceful ... So let's go with 'Cannibal Márquez finishes his eighth World Cup with another victory'.

The title was sung for several weeks, because its infinite superiority has allowed it to sign the most comfortable World Cup in its history. When crowning at the Thai GP, he has plenty of races in Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Valencia. That is four. And that is something that was not seen since the beginning of the century, when the best Rossi or from Doohan once. It has been thanks to a fabulous regularity that has not appealed him from the first two places whenever he has finished a career. The only time he did not do it was in Texas, where he fell when he escaped to victory. The rest have been nine victories and six second places.

That of Thailand was not necessary, because it had the coronation more than assured in Buriram with the second place that occupied almost the entire race. He had to score two more points for Dovizioso to liquidate the championship and the Italian could not pass the fourth place. However, the eight-time world champion (six of MotoGP, one of Moto2 and another of 125cc) did not want to allow Quartararo to achieve his first win in the queen class.

The Frenchman dominated the entire test and there was a time when he seemed to be able to release Marquez from his wheel, because he got seven tenths out of it, but the duel of fast laps between them allowed the end of the test to be reached with both hits . The Honda had shown the wheel to Yamaha a couple of times, but it was not until the last lap when it surpassed him for the first time. It was on the straight before the second turn. Fabio was not daunted and held on to him until the end, to try one last move. It was in the curve of entry to goal and Marc won as he did on this same track with Dovizioso the previous year. He was not disturbed to have his opponent pass at first, somewhat forced, and regained the lead at the exit of the curve to receive the first position.

From there to a crazy lap of honor in which this time he did not get his shoulder, like last year. His brother Alex gave him the first hug and a little later his fan club had prepared an appropriate celebration for number 8, that of his titles. They gave him a cue and hit the black ball with the white ball, 8, to put it in the hole and continue with his lap of honor until he reached the foot of the podium, where the members of the Repsol Honda were waiting for him, thanks to him to be the best team in the world

Quartararo was more resigned with his second than in Misano, because they have already lost twice with the champion, and the podium was closed by Maverick. He was close to the head again, but without getting to wheel them. Further back, Dovi, Rins, Morbidelli and Rossi, who already sees Márquez's cannibal through the rearview mirror from his 9-title stand. Next year he will go for those 9 and who knows how many fit him, because he does not get tired of winning and has the potential to do so many more times.

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