Borja Sáinz progresses at high speed in the Alavés and with Spain U19

The Alavés midfielder was the author of the "rojita" goal against Romania on Friday afternoon.

Borja Sáinz is from Leioa, he trained at the Lezama quarry but, from Cadets A, he belongs to the Deportivo Alavés discipline. He currently plays with the first team since Asier Garitano was very satisfied with his preseason and usually summons him. He has already enjoyed many minutes in the Santander League and has not played at all.

This week he has been summoned by Spain Under-19 and has had enough prominence in the disputed matches. Against Lithuania he played 75 minutes and against Romania he was the author of the victory goal. This is a daring, vertical footballer who faces the rivals with a lot of self-confidence. In the Reale Arena, for example, he was the best player in Alavés long. The Vitorian is not a club that gives opportunities to the kids in the quarry.

Traditionally it has not been an entity that took out many First Division products. The last was Martín Aguirregabiria, who this summer has been proclaimed European Under-21 champion in Italy. But now he is winning the Ximo Navarro game on the right side.

To say that Borja Sáinz is a product of the quarry is too forced. He was many years in Lezama. Other Alava players who were at the Albiazul base have demonstrated their category in other clubs with De Marcos (Athletic) or Guevara (Real Sociedad). Also Mikel Vesga (in this case also passed through the Aurrera) .

But, in reality, the Babazorra entity's policy consists more in recruiting players from outside the province who stand out at an early age to train them in Ibaia. That generates some criticism of Alava families that have kids at the base. But neither can it be said that great values have escaped to other entities lately.

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