Barça defends its dealings with investment funds and insurers

"They are the most important in the world," said Enric Tombas on the agreements with Pricoa, Barings, Caputal, Allianz and Amundi that have reported 200 million euros.

Barça defended the signing in recent years of contracts with investment funds and insurers. In January 2019, the deal with two American investment funds worth 140 million euros was uncovered. Pricoa Capital contributed between 80 and 90 million euros and Barings, about 50-60 more. In addition, in September new agreements were known with the German insurance company Allianz and the French company Amundi to receive 30 million euros from each of them. Barça also negotiated with Capital, the English fund, a loan to pay 35 million euros of the termination clause (120) of Neymar. The French soccer player cost the club 120 million. "They are the most important insurance companies in the world. They study the club thoroughly," said the vice president of the economic area, Enric Tombas, who also highlighted the low interest rates that insurers allow the club

Tombas defended the management of the club and recalled, as Jordi Cardoner had already recognized, that the club's purchasing and sales philosophy has changed and that Barça is no longer a finalist club but that sales are already a priority for Barça as income .

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