Bailly or the turn of a club that left the hardship behind

The power station, which visited Sant Adrià, was precipitously sold at the time. Now, this would not happen in a Espanyol without the need for transfers.

As an appearance, last Monday Eric Bailly, a player raised from youth in Spain and who was transferred by just 5.2 million euros to Villarreal in an era of economic hardship, was in the Sports City of Sant Adrià. The now Manchester United player arrived with a white sweatshirt, a hat and his backpack. He went unnoticed. He greeted the waitresses at the bar and some people who were waiting for the first team to finish the training. Shortly after, he told AS that he had come to treat his knee injury with Dr. Ramon Cugat (on July 25 he underwent an operation) and took the opportunity to visit his previous home and some professionals who had shared with him his years of training

Its sale, now that Espanyol and Villarreal again measure another course, is a reflection of the turn that the parakeet club has taken in the last four years at an economic level. The Costa Rican center played five games with the first team, trained in that campaign by Sergio González, but all in the quarry and in the sports direction were aware of his progression. It was a jewel. The Villarreal also noticed, always pending the movements in Espanyol. In January they paid 5.2 million for him. Espanyol needed immediate liquidity to make an important payment to the Treasury and avoid the club's unfeasibility.

The sale of Bailly was a blow to reality for Espanyol, which had to give up one of its most promising players and sell it for a price lower than its future market value.

Round business. In fact, the player was hardly a campaign and a half in Villarreal. In the summer of 2016, Manchester United paid its clause of 40 million, a sale that for the perico club would have practically meant its full payment with the Treasury at that time.

In these years, the center has played 50 matches in the Premier and has maintained its progression despite having suffered several setbacks with injuries.

Today, Espanyol would not repeat a case like Eric Bailly's. Without economic urgencies, only with the club's controlled debts and the one that must be returned to President Chen Yansheng, Bailly would have been a case similar to Marc Roca's this summer. In the midfield, with a clause of 40 million, he was not allowed to leave even though Bayern Munich wanted to pay half. Times have changed and Bailly's case represents the dark economic past.

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