Antiviolencia proposes € 75,000 to Atlético and the club asks for a meeting to ask for explanations

The Commission severely fines the club for disobedience for its promotion and support of the Athletic Front. The Atleti has responded with a hard statement.

The Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport has agreed to propose a very serious penalty of 75,000 euros to Atlético de Madrid for the repeated disobedience of the orders or dispositions of the governmental authorities about of the conditions for holding sports shows on issues that affect their normal and proper development, as indicated by the Sports Law. Antiviolencia agrees to this very serious sanction proposal that joins others already agreed by this Commission previously after verifying that at the Atlético-Celta meeting the Madrid club allowed an unauthorized large banner to be displayed without the club proceeding at any time to try to remove said banner, as well as provide and facilitate people or groups of followers who have engaged in violent behavior on multiple occasions during a sports show in order to support the club.

The Anti-Violence Commission recalls that Atlético has been warned on numerous occasions of activities contrary to the Sports Law that the Athletic Front group continues to develop, and that they have been notified by the Anti-Violence Commission to the aforementioned club. In addition to allowing the promotion and support to the aforementioned group, the club has incurred a manifest and repeated lack of collaboration with the State Security Forces and Corps for the prevention of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport .

Atlético does not share the accusations and defends itself

The mattress team has responded through its official website with a hard statement in which they express their surprise and outrage at the sanction, as well as exposes a list with the games played in the Wanda Metropolitano during the season that concerns us to defend against accusations. The club's response was as follows:

"Given the serious accusations made by the Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport in a statement sent to the media, Atlético de Madrid wants to express its surprise and outrage , since our club collaborates closely and permanently with the State Security Forces and Bodies.- The absence of incidents in all the matches played at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium since its inauguration is public and notorious, thanks to the adequate and adjusted security operation at the level of risk and the expected influx of spectators in each match and the advantages offered by the technology available with the implementation of advances such as the biometric fingerprint, 100 megapixel high resolution cameras, 150 additional surveillance cameras and more than 1,000 screens to facilitate informative and safety messages.- In the match minutes made by the c Security coordinator, under the Ministry of Interior, in the seven official meetings played this season does not include any of these serious accusations about repeated disobedience and lack of collaboration with the State Security Forces and Bodies:

1. Atlético de Madrid - Getafe (August 18; 10:00 p.m.). The incidents arising at the access doors are collected as a result of the partial failure that arose in the electronic access control system managed by LaLiga. No other incident of any kind is reflected, "neither violent acts, nor racist or xenophobic acts", as the minutes.

2. Atlético de Madrid - Eibar (September 1; 7:00 p.m.). The act does not reflect any incident "or violent acts, racist or xenophobic acts."

. Atlético de Madrid - Juventus (September 18; 9:00 p.m.). The record reflects that a typhus was extended with a legend "An unwavering faith" that was not previously communicated by the club. Indeed, due to a communication error, it was not previously reported, but it is more than evident that it was not a prohibited message, neither violent, nor offensive, nor that it could affect the normal development of the party.

It is also mentioned that the stairs of the Animation Tier are occupied. The club takes the appropriate measures so that the stairs are clear, but it is evident that in the games of maximum influx of spectators it is not achieved in its entirety, as occurs in other large stadiums in Europe. Although the club reinforces security measures in this type of games, Atlético de Madrid acts with a criterion of prudence, proportionality and common sense to avoid generating risk situations where there are none. The amplitude of stands, corridors and stairs of the Metropolitan Wanda allow a very rapid and optimal evacuation in all its areas as any spectator who has attended a match has been able to verify.

4. Atlético de Madrid - Celta (September 21; 6:30 p.m.). The minutes reflect that two banners were shown of which the relevant bodies had prior knowledge and acknowledged that they did not contain messages of a violent or offensive nature. However, without authorization from the club, one of the banners was added the word 'Frentistas' painted on a cloth that was illegally introduced into the stadium, skipping the established controls, as reported immediately to the Security Coordinator.

Again, under a criterion of prudence and common sense, it was decided not to withdraw it and avoid a possible public order altercation, although it was tried to identify the authors of the exhibition of said banner.

The act does not reflect “no other incident, no violent acts, no racist or xenophobic acts.”

5. Atlético de Madrid - Real Madrid (September 28; 9:00 p.m.). The record reflects that the stairs of the Animation Tier are occupied. We refer to the same criteria adopted in the match against Juventus. The act does not reflect "no other incident, no violent acts, no racist or xenophobic acts."

6. Atlético de Madrid - Valencia CF (October 19; 4:00 p.m.). The party record does not record “no incident, no violent acts, no racist or xenophobic acts.”

7. Atlético de Madrid - Bayer Leverkusen (October 22; 6:55 p.m.). The party record does not record “no incident, no violent acts, no racist or xenophobic acts.”

- Atlético de Madrid has always offered the maximum collaboration with the State Security Forces and Bodies and maintains permanent communication with them, responding to any request for information requested from any competent body. This is demonstrated by the multiple emails in which the club periodically exchanges information, such as the number of people who move to other stadiums, from the list of each and every one of the members who buy tickets for away matches, from the data to identify any partner at police request and any other request for information.

- At no time has this Commission communicated or manifested to the club any disobedience towards its requirements or lack of collaboration on our part.

Our collaboration is total and we cannot accept the accusations of not facilitating it, much less the accusations of disobedience, which are especially serious.

- Atlético de Madrid does not promote or support any group or group that is not registered in the Register of Followers Book that every year, according to the law, the club delivers to the competent authorities.

Before the seriousness of the accusations contained in the aforementioned communiqué and the lack of veracity of the same, in addition to resorting to the sanction in the event that it is firm, Atlético de Madrid will request an immediate meeting with the maximum responsible for this Commission, the Higher Sports Council and the Ministry of Interior to express our discomfort and outrage and ask for explanations in this regard. "

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