Andrea Malanda: "You have to impose play on the WiZink"

The base, which arrived this summer at Movistar Students, attended AS before the second match of the 'Women in Black' at the Sports Palace.

Movistar Students play this Sunday, November 3 before ADBA Aviles (12:30) the second game of its history at the WiZink Center. The first was a success: an absolute record in Spain of attending a pavilion in a women's basketball game. "Last year I saw him as a spectator and it was something incredible, an unforgettable experience," says Andrea Malanda, the base of the Ramireño team. "He has to impose playing with so many people because it is something that most of us are not accustomed to. But it also gives some motivation: to appear on the track and that the stands are full, let it be your hobby ... with that they forget a little the nerves ".

With 29 years, Malanda is one of the student novelties for this season and a veteran in the Women's League 2, a category in which he has linked seven consecutive courses between the University of Oviedo and ADBA, his rival this Sunday. But his romance with basketball began earlier. Long before. "Sounds a bit topical, but I started because I was going to see my sister Sandra play. While she was resting, I was around with the ball on the court. And why couldn't I play? I signed up and I really liked it." ", says this little player (1.64) who changed Aguilar de Campo to Valladolid when she was only 14 years old to pursue her dream:" If I wanted to continue, I had to go one step further. My parents made the effort to let me go I lived in a residence exclusively for athletes. Until I started the race I played there. It was an incredible experience, "continues the base, who says it was not hard to leave:" I missed my parents, but they came every weekend and whenever they could. Besides, my sister was living there. "

"She is a good game director, with great ability to pass and distribute and good hand to throw three." This is how David Gallego, assistant coach of Women in Black, defined Santander when he signed for a team that has between eyebrows and eyebrows to qualify for the promotion phase. "There is a brutal template to get it, but it is still too early to talk so much in the future," said a Malanda who has lived the joy of playing almost 200 games in LF 2 (170) but also the bittersweet side of this sport: on 13 January 2018, the cruciate ligament and the meniscus of the left knee were broken. The adoption palentina went through the operating room and a hard rehabilitation to overcome the first injury of his career. A year later, he returned to the courts. "I wasn't used to this situation. It's an injury that lasts eight months and, ufff, it was very complicated," he recalls.

"When I got injured, I told myself 'until I return ..."

Despite the harshness of his ailment, he never thought about quitting basketball. And it would have been the easiest way for this degree in Optics and Optometry from the University of Valladolid ("I did not know that I would like it so much, I was surprised for good") and with a master's degree in Clinical Optometry in Oviedo. His stubbornness was imposed upon rapid exit. "Before it happened to me, if I came to consider it. But when I got injured, I told myself 'until I don't come back ...' I had to decide, not the injury. If you don't have a sports motivation with these problems, everything is much more complicated, "says

Like many other players in our country, Malanda has combined her sports career with studies and work. A situation that led her to get up at 7 in the morning and get home at midnight while working at the Fernández-Vega clinic. An experience that lasted seven years. "It's hard. Especially at this level. Now, that I don't work, I think about it and say: 'I don't know how I could do it," recalls the base, who has exponentially increased his free time when moving to Madrid: "He dedicated more to basketball ... and also to the English that is a pending subject ", indicates with a smile this brilliant one that will delight the WiZink Center this Sunday. That sure.

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