"I am in a position to play if the coach considers it appropriate"

Declarations of the La Paz media after returning to action after breaking the previous crusader.

Jorge Franco Alviz, "Burgui", returned to the pitch this Thursday in Barakaldo. The Alavés played a friendly triangular against the hosts at 7 pm and then, an hour later, against Athletic Bilbao. In the first one, Burgui played the 45 minutes demonstrating verticality, making a great shot on goal and scoring his penalty in the post-game round

"I felt good. After seven months out of the fields due to the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee I felt very good, very happy. I think I am in a position to play if the master considers it appropriate," he told SER Vitoria "The field was a bit irregular, not in the best conditions but I endured the 45 minutes well," he added.

Burgui's return is good news for Alavés, who is in need of talented players. "I am a new person because the injury has made me mature. Now I give more importance to the things that I have, surely a new player looks, with another mentality," he said. The Burguillos del Cerro has not finished setting in Vitoria yet, but it is on time. "I feel that I have to give back to this club what he has given me," he concluded.

Photos from as.com
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