Alonso breaks the Toyota in a "ditch that was not indicated"

The Spaniard left the third stage by seriously damaging the front suspension at a point that was not in the 'roadbook'. He will try to run tomorrow.

The third lesson that was taught Monday at the Rally of Morocco on 'how to learn to compete in raids' also had its difficulty. The first served to survive a day full of punctures, the second to complete the longest special of 386 km against the clock and now played a challenge of navigation to receive the 'roadbook' only five minutes before departure. Alonso and Coma passed the first two stages with the Toyota 314, but in the third they stayed in the attempt.

The Spaniard broke the front suspension of his Hilux when he ran into a ditch. That was one of the most conflicting points of the route on Monday, composed of three specials of 80, 210 and 72 kilometers, since Fernando and Marc were injured in 75 of the first. Both came out unscathed from the crash and were able to complete what little they had left of that timed stretch, but they did so barely reaching almost half an hour of the best time at that point in Peterhansel's possession. There he finished his stage.

The severity of the Toyota's damage was such that they were forced to call the assistance of the team to have a truck tow them to take them back to the bivouac, where the mechanics will work to try to repair the car in order to continue running in Morocco and go to the stage tomorrow to accumulate all possible kilometers. It remains to be seen if the organization of the rally allows them to do so within the competition, something they will have to decide in the next few hours.

So Alonso analyzed what happened on his 'Instagram', ensuring that the ditch was not indicated and taking for granted that it will continue running on Tuesday: "Day 3 of the Rally of Morocco. It is not the day we wanted. After 75 km, a great ditch that is not written in the 'roadbook' has damaged three cars of the first ten, including ours, then they have closed that part of the road momentarily, luckily they did not go there anymore. Now we will try to repair the car and hopefully tomorrow we have a clean day ".

As he says, it was not the only car that fell into that trap ... Another was that of Ten Brinke, who had been the fastest at the first checkpoint and who finished just like his Spanish Toyota partner. In addition, according to 'Motorsport', an assistance helicopter moved to the area to evacuate one of the pilots who had an accident at that point. While the rally continues for others, Alonso assimilates another lesson of the raids, which says that the danger is anywhere ... even if the 'roadbook' does not say it.

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