A spectacular Diagné bends Barcelona's knee

The exazulgrana was capital next to Todorovic and Jelínek. They scored 53 points among the three. Barça finished with 23 losses and yielding 18 offensive rebounds.

Less than a month ago, FC Barcelona defeated Morabanc Andorra 'in extremis' (93-92) in the final of the Catalan League; A whole notice for the Pesic team. Today, those of Ibon Navarro, with a super motivated Moussa Diagné as always playing against his former team (19 points and 7 rebounds), have taken their small rematch beating him by 86-84.

It is true that with only one second to the end of the meeting Malcolm Delaney had in his hands the triple that could have given the victory to the Catalans. But it is also that Barça cannot, for the last 23 minutes, go behind on the scoreboard and be overcome by ten points (83-73) less than two minutes to the end.

The key was in the strong defense of Bandja Sy and 'Tyson' Perez over Nikola Mirotic who, in 32 minutes on the track, added 3 baskets of 6 attempts and of his 17 points, ten he achieved with free throws. Also, you can't miss 23 balls and yield 18 offensive rebounds! to an opponent who only had a pivot and only achieve 9 on your part if you want to aspire to victory. Today has been a warning for navigators.

At known losses of FC Barcelona, Heurtel, Pangos and Ribas, Cory Higgins has joined with discomfort in the left knee, although in Morabanc Andorra there was also one of weight, that of Serbian Dejan Musli, with a crack in the ribs . This left those of Ibon Navarro with only Moussa Diagné as a born interior against the Davies, Tomic, Mirotic and Oriola.

The Pesic already opened the gap with five straight points from Brandon Davies (0-5, min. 1). The Andorrans began to squeeze in defense, fixing Bandja Sy over Mirotic and the Catalans attacked by fitting a 15-2 set (15-7, min.5). Pesic stopped the game, began the relays, gave entry to Malcolm Delaney for Hanga, who had started from the base, and Tomic for Davies, well stopped. A partial of 0-11 put Barça back in the game (15-18, min. 9) and a triple by Álex Abrines placed 20-21 at the end of the quarter.

Barça went upstairs through Hanga, Tomic and Delaney at the start of the second quarter (25-31, min. 13). Andorra responded with triples (35-34, min. 16). Mirotic and Davies returned to the track and Navarro placed the Dominican 'Tyson' Pérez on the Spanish-Montenegrin and unhinged him until provoking him a technique. Jelinek and Pérez himself closed the score at half-time (44-40). Barcelona had yielded 11 offensive rebounds and suffered 17 losses; Mirotic also had only achieved one basket in play in the first half.

Pesic tried to fix his team's defensive balance, but Diagné opened the gap (48-40, min. 22). Shortly after the score broke down (52-47, min. 25) and the game stopped. At that time Tomic was already 12 points and Davies, after five points in a minute had gone blank. And Dejan Todorovic achieved the maximum Andorran advantage until that moment (57-48, min. 27). Pesic asked for time, Andorra entered into 'bonus' and Diagné returned to the track and Hanga relieved a decentralized Kyle Kuric. The fouls began to weigh in the premises and Barca used it to close the room with 62-56. The Catalans had improved in the rebound and losses (only one in this room), but failed in the outside shot (0 of 8 in triples) .

And the errors of those of Pesic in attack followed at the beginning of the last quarter and there was a new maximum advantage of those of the Principality (73-63, min. 34). Kuric entered Delaney and Hanga was born again. Davies and Hanga cut the disadvantage (76-70, m.36), but Barça went into 'bonus' and Davies committed his fourth foul. Delaney was returning, but the turnovers were reappearing.

The first basket of Kuric, a triple, in the whole game pressed the score (77-73, min. 38), but a 2 + 1 of Diagné and a triple of Jelinek extended the local advantage (83-75) to 1: 51 for last. Five points followed by Kuric and two free throws by Mirotic, throwing the third to fail, left the score at 86-84 with only one second and six tenths and ball for the Catalans. But nevertheless. Delaney missed the triple that could give the victory to the Pesic, who suffer their first defeat in the Endesa League.

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