2,000 Ajax fans stay hung for the Chelsea game and propose a plan to the Leyton Orient

UEFA has banned Dutch fans from going to Stamford Bridge and fans who already had the trip purchased are looking for alternatives to enjoy football in London.

UEFA sanctioned Ajax for the incidents against Valencia in the Champions League and has forbidden its followers to enter Stamford Bridge on the fourth day they will face Chelsea at home (on Wednesday they would play at home against the blue team).

But many fans had already bought, in addition to the entrance to the meeting, travel and accommodation, so they do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy English football. That is why they are looking for alternatives, and one has emerged. That same Tuesday, November 5, the Leyton Orient, a historic London club that plays in the League Two (was founded in 1881 and plays in the fourth division of England), disputes a Football League Trophy match against the Brighton youth team almost at the same time

And given the impossibility of seeing Chelsea, Dutch fans have asked Leyton Orient to shelter those 2,000 fans who have hung up, since the Matchroom Stadium, better known as Brisbane Road, has the capacity to accommodate 9,271 spectators. Obviously they would not see a match of the same level, but at least they would enjoy the experience of watching English football:

"Dear Leyton Orient, would you be willing to welcome 2,000 Ajax supporters? We are systematically and legally screwed up by UEFA and the London Police. Many of us reserve transportation and hotels and will travel. You risk having a great atmosphere and memories forever. Best regards ".

In this way, UEFA's penalty for throwing objects, as well as field invasion, could make the atmosphere of the Leyton Orient stadium outside the Champions League while Ajax plays the pass to the next round of the tournament.

Photos from as.com
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