1x1 Levante: Aitor stops allow you to sign the first home victory

Roger and Campaña scored, but it was Arrasate's stops that sustained the team at Butarque.

Aitor: The Basque goalkeeper safely stopped the balls that ran into his path, especially lateral centers and distant shots by the Leganes. In the second he took a prodigious hand to En Nesiry, who subsequently hit the crossbar. Saving stop. However, he failed in the goal of Braithwaite with a late exit. He took a penalty that could be definitive and did not stop taking balls until the last minute.

Miramón: The Aragonese returned to Butarque converted to the side and did so giving depth and sense to the right lane. It is getting better, more loose and with its usual intensity. A player who always contributes

Tobacco: He suffered with the ability to run into the space of En Nesiry and the size of Carrillo. Even more so when the ball was on his feet.

Vezo: Same situation for the Portuguese, who was not comfortable in Butarque. In the second half he granted an innocent penalty that could have been the draw, but San Aitor appeared.

Clerc: Deep, strong, daring and committed. It was not his best game, but he always offers solutions on the left, with the ball he does not usually fail and he is defensively at a good level.

Vukcevic: He received a yellow at 14 seconds of the game, his record as a granota. However, it seems that it is not, but it was the one that ran the most kilometers in the first half and the one that gave the most security in the pass. However, the yellow limited him in defensive functions, his role. He was the first replaced, leaving his place to Melero.

Radoja: The figure of Vukcevic allows the Serbian to release himself in pressure and bite into advanced positions, smearing the ball out of Butarque's and drowning the ideas in the center of the field. It is at a spectacular physical level, unthinkable how it will be after several days of competition.

Campaign: The Andalusian took out his wand at Butarque. In a side foul, destined for a center in most cases, Campaign pulled magic to sneak into the goal of Soriano, which entered next to the ball. Goal of genius. On the left, at times, he was missing. He retired with discomfort, leaving his place to Rochina.

Morals: The 'Commander' seems to have admitted that he is not at his best and solves it by being more involved in defensive tasks. He started glued to the right and helped Miramón with Silva boarding schools. With ball he played with criteria and quality, and did not stop giving his options with uncheck. It lacks that point of freshness to break defenses at a gallop.

Sergio León: It is hard for Cordoba to enter the game. But it does not cease in its war. He fights with centrals, moves to the spaces, plays on his back, but the ball passes little through his boots. He was replaced by Duarte to add one more cash in defense.

Roger: He was reunited with the goal and there are already three, all penalty. The 'Gunman' is a guarantee of goal and work, a formula that works outside the home. The locals, especially Oscar and Recio, tried to drive him out of his mind at all times. But Roger was smarter.


Melero: He entered the admonished Vukcevic and acted as a pivot, even at times behind Radoja. With the entry of Duarte, he advanced his position to add his presence to win aerial duels and meters.

Rochina: He came out with an indolence that attracts attention. He risked when the party called for judgment and security. He wanted to look and ended up clashing.

Duarte: no time to assess his performance.

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