1x1 Espanyol: soft back, sterile in attack and in free fall

Pedrosa, Lluís and Víctor Sánchez were not successful in both goals of Mallorca. Espanyol barely disturbed Reina and continues in the depths.

Diego López: The Galician goalkeeper could not do more in the goals. He was sure by high and with the ball, but he is not especially lucky in the situations that the parties decide.

Corchia: Deepened on the right, especially in the second half, when he gave Campuzano a goal pass. Lago Junior gave him a job but contained it well.

David López: He held 62 minutes, with solvency and order. He helped out the ball and had to help Corchia, but it was not as relevant as in Moscow. However, with him the team is more orderly with and without the ball.

Lluís: From more to less. He played in the left-handed profile until the entrance of Naldo and Nio Seguridad, although in the 1-0 play he did not follow his mark and, when the match opened, he left the area at the wrong time and lost the ball in the 2-0 . He had a header that could be goal

Stone: Tailor easily beats him in the 1-0 while he barely deepened by his side, in a very conservative Espanyol. It was not his best encounter.

Roca: Inaccurate with the ball, he lost several committed balls. He is not comfortable and runs too much.

Victor Sanchez: All his good work with and without the ball was overshadowed by the rude error of 2-0 when he couldn't clear a ball in the front. The play, of course, was preceded by a lagging error behind.

Barn: You were more tired from the effort of the game. The withdrawal of Mallorca prevented him from finding spaces and not being reminded of excessive vertical passes. He threw the goal in the end with some danger.

Wu Lei: Lost on the right, rivals usually attack on their side and find it difficult to understand the withdrawal. In attack he had two electrical actions that he did not resolve.

Campuzano: Only at the tip, he failed to find auction actions, covered by the centrals. It gave a sense of danger and had mobility in the area, but without being sharp.

Vargas: It was one of his most gray encounters. He was replaced and failed to lead the field this time. He will not always be the savior of Espanyol.

Naldo: Nervous, he saw a yellow one within 20 seconds of entering the field. He had a chance to break up Reina, but was misplaced as the team.

Piatti: He barely found participation in the game in the final correcalles.

Melendo: Connected a vertical pass that left a teammate in the area alone.

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