Zidane surrenders to Rodrygo: "His control is the hos ... it's half a goal"

Zidane was happy for the goal of Vinicius and the "brutal party" of Valverde. On rotations: "It is important to make changes and make things work".

Zidane appeared in the 'flash interview' of Movistar LaLiga where he gave his first analysis of the victory of Madrid against Osasuna, in the Bernabéu.


Satisfied with the changes: "Satisfied because all are important. all prepared and it has been seen. We play with intensity, aggressiveness, defending when it was necessary to defend ... " something works ".

Massive rotations thinking in the face of the derby?: " I think only of the next game, then everyone can think what they want. The important thing was this game, play well and win a rival coming Here without complexes ".

The change in the goal, will it be usual? :" We will see ... They are all players of the squad ".

Viniciius:" I am happy for him, he is very excited and very happy, and also for Rodrygo, who at the first minute has scored, with a control that has been the fabulous host, which has been half a goal. Sometimes we forget that they are 18 years old. We must also highlight Valverde, who has made a brutal game. "

What can you expect from the leader in the Wanda? Do the eight changes show that you trust your squad? : "I trust my squad very much. There are 26 very good players and they have shown it today. We have changed a lot but I think they are prepared. It's about when they play they play well and that's what we did. ”

Do both goals of Vinicius and Rodrygo predict what Madrid will be like in the future? they had to score in the Bernabéu. I liked Rodrygo's goal and his control has been the host ".

How has Madrid changed in a week from Paris to today? :" What has changed is that we we believe in what What do we do? With tranquility and with work many things are achieved. Now we are at our beginning. We weren't so bad and now we're not so good. We must continue along this line and with this dynamic, with intensity, with aggressiveness ... Defending when we had to defend. We know that we can do many good things offensively. ”

How are you handling Vinicius? :“ I always try to give them confidence because they are very young boys. We are here for everyone to improve and I'm happy for him because he needed this goal. We will continue now and try to rest well thinking we have a game on Saturday. It has been a good game in everything. Fede Valverde has played a great game and I'm glad because he is very young and has an extraordinary future. ”

Can you say that Madrid has returned? “ We are working and believe in what we do. Today we are happy. ”

Will Areola play more than you think? . “He is a squad player and today he has played and he has done well. I think everyone who played today did well and we are happy about it. ”

Do you think the team has improved in response to criticism? :“ I don't think so. The important thing is what we have been doing for some time. Things take time. We are leaders but it means nothing. We must continue along this line and think that we have a game on Saturday, another on Tuesday, another on Saturday ... We will have complicated moments in the season. It will happen again. But we have to be strong. ”

Do you like to define your team as a compact team? :“ It's what we always look for. We are getting better every day and we will continue along that line. When we are not with the ball, we are all worried about recovering it. ”

Do the changes in the line-up show that you are brave? “ I am coach of Real Madrid. Brave of what? No. They have responded to those who had to play and played well. ”

What did you feel when you saw Vinicius cry? “ I saw him later. Happy with him, because in the end marking here at the Bernabéu means an important thing for him ”.

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