Zaldua: "Kevin asked me for advice to be assigned to Leganés"

The side of San Sebastian speaks with Ace about the news of the Royal Society, specifically about the defeat in the derby and the closing of the transfer market.

Joseba Zaldua speaks clearly and does not hide himself, not even in the most thorny issues of the Real today. It shows that the San Sebastian has gained weight in the txuri-urdin locker room.


Have you already risen from the blow suffered in San Mamés? It hurt more the defeat itself or to arrive giving such a poor image?

A little in general everything. We were annoyed because we had raised a party idea and nothing came out. And on top it was in a derby, with what that means for the fans. It was a day to forget, but it should serve to learn. 444444

Imanol said after the game that defeat in the derby will help them, do you think the same?

We have to see what we fail and work it hard. Because things don't always work out the way you want. 444444

Curious, why did you slip so much on San Mamés? Did you have that feeling ?

It can be. The defenders usually play with mixed boots, and I think it was more of the pitch, that there were pieces that were soft and when you changed direction, it did not grab well and you slipped. But there are no excuses, it is another factor to consider. It was an anecdote, nothing more. Did you have trouble entering the game? Because in the first minutes I thought he was being expelled ...

It is that on the first play I cut and slip, and it is true that I then give Córdoba. Then I have another similar with Raúl García. They are actions that happen and must be lived with them. 444444

But then he remade himself with the first controversial move. They shot him down, called a penalty, but the VAR said it was out, how did he see it?

Live, he thought it was a penalty, because I think I fall deep into the area. And I had no doubts. But the VAR said no, you have to respect it and that's it. 444444

And don't you think that despite not playing well they didn't have luck with the details either? EL VAR, Illarra's injury ...

It was not our best day and you don't think about it anymore. But the parties are made up of details and those were not on our side either. Everything went against us, and when days like this come out, you also have to play and learn. 444444

Don't you have the feeling that the VAR took too long to decide the key moves?

the truth is that on several occasions we stood for more than five minutes and that is not good for anyone. Because the game stops, you get cold and you get confused. And in the first part we went to rest as if nothing had happened and as if there had been no time for anything. But what we have to do is adapt to everything that comes.

That derby is the injury of Illarramendi, which must be more than two months off ...

It bothers us a lot. It is not pleasant for any player to be injured, especially when they are injuries that are going to have time out. Sad for Illarra because last year he had no luck and when it seemed he was turning it around, this happens to him. We will help you in what we can and we are sure that with the big head it is, it will come back earlier and stronger.

Has there been talk of anger of Imanol after the derby?

No It was not necessary, Mr. already knows what it means to lose a derby and we were all very sad. In the dressing room it was not time to speak. Then it has already been spoken. It will come in handy. The little we have been with him, it shows that he knows well what this is about. 444444

His arrival causes Kevin to leave Leganés, does it sound like it? (Smiles) some advice to be given to Leganés, and I told him what I thought. Hopefully the assignment will come in handy, you can have more minutes and if you have the opportunity, you will do it very well and you will be a better player again. It was very useful for me to play at Leganés and I hope that the same thing happens to him. I did not look at the field, but I think they are situations that happen when you get caught in a bad moment, and in the end we are all people and we can be wrong. But do not give more laps, and if someone has been offended, apologize, and nothing more. 'Willi' has a great commitment, he is very focused here, that nobody doubts it. 444444

doubts of the derby or with the confidence of the first days?

It is not easy to start the league playing three games away from home. We achieved points in two first difficult exits, and it is true that the derby leaves us feeling bad because we did not give the best version. But it is not time to worry, there are no reasons at this point. You have to be excited because you are working very well.

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