Williams: "If I get fame, I have a mother who gives me a host and hustles me"

The striker granted an interview in 'El Larguero', in which he spoke of his origins and swore fidelity to his current club: "He would never go to the Royal Society."

Williams continues to fix his darts in the direction of Donostia. 2 If in the previous of the recent Basque derby he alluded to the fact that he liked to "get rid of" the Txuri-Urdin, in the game it seems that those words still motivated him more, because he scored one of the goals and fulfilled his promise. Of course, after the commitment he apologized if anyone had felt offended. He planted a lot of controversy in his speech that the neighbors envy them "because we play with people from home." Well, a couple of days ago he riveted even more: "Never, never, I would never go to the Royal Society; I certainly would not, 100% sure. I am in the club of my loves, I have sucked him since childhood and he would never change sides ".

He deepened in the dynamite of the derby prior. "These are statements that could be controversial but I did not want to offend anyone, so I said at the end of the game, but what I said was a reality," he said in El Larguero de la SER. "We play with people from home and that is what makes us different from the rest of the world," he said. "We were very proud of that, but I was not looking to offend or my words were against anyone. I just wanted to praise the values we have at home."

After signing a new renovation in Bilbao, with a record clause of 135 million, He feels very identified and does not listen to the siren songs of the Premier. 2 "I am where I want to be, I have always said it, this is my house and I want to stay many more years here. Retiring in Athletic is a very real option. I'd like to hang my boots here, "he said. And it is defined as “panther skin, lion's heart.” Muniain put it on the panther and she likes it a lot, since she thinks it goes with her style of play. “I feel very loved in Bilbao, people empathized a lot with me. I come from a humble and hardworking family, people know what it cost him for everything my family has lived, "he explains. 444444

He also had a family and sentimental section in the night program. His parents, Maria and Felix, they crossed the desert from Ghana, she was pregnant, and crossed the fence in Melilla, so Williams unveiled excitedly: “This summer we were on vacation in Kuwait, we went to the desert and my mother began to cry remembering what the sand burned when I was young. 222222 Your stomach is removed, they have lived what nobody wants. "They arrived in Bilbao thanks to a lawyer who helped them" a lot "and Cáritas." My mother could have me in Bilbao and I could be an Athletic player The destiny qui so I was born in Basurto, in Bilbao, ”he said. His name is Iñaki because his godfather was a priest and his name was like that. "And my mother liked it." The battering ram has already been several times in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Its origins. "I like to see my little cousins, see where my parents come from," he recalls. 444444

The question arose Suddenly: Can you keep your feet on the ground now? "You get to the first team when you're young, you go from having nothing to people recognizing you. There's a time when you can get on, but I'm lucky to have my mother who gives me a host and scares me ", she launched with her usual self-confidence. Williams feels in eternal debt to her parents." What they have done could not give it back even with all the money in the world. they have been able to have it, they don't work because I don't want to, they have suffered a lot, my father was away for years, my mother had three jobs ... They have left the skin for us, what less than to give them a house to live in peace and in the day by day they don't have to kill to go from one place to or tro. I do everything for my family and because they have a better life, ”he said. 444444

Now he dreams of doing something big (" Returning Athletic to Europe would be milk ") and playing with his brother Nicholas, who is already playing with The Juvenile "Hopefully. For the whole family it would be a pride. In Athletic there have never been incumbent and important blacks for the club as I have been. It would be a pride to be two Williams in the lead of Athletic. What I would most like is to share a wardrobe with my brother, who has more quality than me. ”

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