What is the salary limit and how is it calculated in Spanish football?

We tell you what the salary cap is, how it is calculated in LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank and all the news introduced during this 2019/2020 season.

The transfer market has been long. Very long. And leaving aside the Neymar, Pogba and company, one of the most listened to in offices and equipment offices of First and - above all - Second is that of the 'salary limit'. It is the main difference between the economic control that is imposed in LaLiga with respect to the rest of the European leagues and one of the headaches of the 42 professional football teams.

The FC Barcelona will have this season with the highest salary cap of the category (€ 671M). It is followed by Real Madrid with € 641M . After the two giants appear the Atlético de Madrid with € 349M and the Sevilla with € 185M. The Valencia reaches its record with € 171M. In LaLiga SmartBank, Girona is the club with the highest limit (29.3), followed by Rayo Vallecano (19.1) and UD Almería (18.1).

The salary cap includes, among other things, the salaries of the players, the first and second coach, the physical trainer, the expenses of the subsidiary teams, the quarry, etc. In the case of the Spanish league, this expense control is carried out several times during the season. At the end of April, the teams make a proposal of the salary limit for the summer market window and the employer during the month of May approves or modifies said figure adjusting it to their financial possibilities.

It is the main reason why the budget of a team X is not confirmed by the club, but the entity only provides the data, making an estimate. LaLiga verifies and corrects if this is necessary. As a result, several questions arise: What is the salary limit? How is it calculated? Why do some teams have more than others?

What is the salary limit?

The principle to calculate it is to reduce to total income expenses that have nothing to do with the preparation of the sports template. The salary cap came into effect in 2013, when Javier Tebas became president of LaLiga. This limit is proposed by the club based on its budget. Subsequently, the Board of Validation of the employer must approve that proposed limit or rectify it until the figure "guarantees its financial stability" .

However, the proposed figure is not always the maximum limit, but the one deemed appropriate to adjust it to its budgets (as long as they do not exceed what LaLiga estimates). In addition, that a cap is marked does not imply that it is consumed in its entirety. 444444

The main objective of this rule is to avoid excessive club expenses. Or what is the same, ensure the viability of the clubs and try to strengthen equality to achieve a more competitive competition. Within the salary cap are included the salaries and salaries of the workforce, the compensation of the workforce, the Social Security of the workforce, the depreciation of player purchases, the collective bonuses established by a club and any other compensation.

How do you Calculate the salary limit?

The difference between these income and structural expenses will be the amount that each team can use in its workforce to pay salaries, that is, that amount is the salary cap. It is regulated in articles 34 to 41 of the aforementioned "SAD budgeting and club rules". All the money that clubs receive for sponsorship contracts, subscriber and membership fees, television rights (broader income in these seasons), operating income, income from competition (League, Cup and Europe), advertising and sale of players 444444

On the other hand, is estimated as an expense all the money spent on player purchases, operating expenses, depreciation, provisions, non-sports personnel and what is known as negative variations in stocks.

Article 34.1 marks the Balance Point of the clubs, which will be determined by the cost of the Sports Template, which includes the Enrollable Sports Template (25 players, coach, second coach, physical trainer, etc.) and the Non-Enrollable (expense in subsidiaries, quarry and other sports sections) . The concepts included in these two technicalities are marked by articles 38 and 39.

Another of the great questions that fans ask is the following: how much does it cost to include a newly purchased player in LaLiga? This expense is made up of a formula that includes the salary the player receives, the Social Security fee and the apportionment of the contract premiums. The cost ofThe transfer is estimated by dividing the amount paid between the years you sign with the equipment, establishing the so-called amortization.

4 Can the salary limit be modified or extended?

The salary cap is not fixed or static. LaLiga, in its regulations, ensures that clubs can request a modification based on a possible sale of players, increased revenue from TV or membership increase, obtaining a new advertising contract or contributions from owners.

Valladolid and Elche reduce your debts

All equipment that is in bankruptcy proceedings will reduce the limit, since the benefits that may be generated will be used to cover debts. That is why Real Valladolid only has 32 million salary limit, less than Granada and Osasuna, and Elche barely has 5 million. The pucelano team owes just over € 10M to the Treasury for debts after paying nine during last May, while the ilicitanos have reduced their debt to less than half during the last years.

Self-regulation, a new rule in Second

Second Division teams have experienced a real headache during this market. And the eyes have been put on the self-regulation mechanism that LaLiga has implemented in the silver category. 2 This method sets the market price estimated by LaLiga that a player has through aspects such as the number of matches played, the category from which it comes or what it charged in its previous team. Sign players signing a contract in small conditions and paying other amounts in money B or bypass the salary limit by offering a lower salary the first season and the second one much higher.


Malaga has been the main affected by this new condition. The Martiricos team has economic problems by not being able to cover their expenses normally or meet them late. In this case, LaLiga has ended up penalizing it, so the official cap will differ greatly from that planned and desired by the club. The football player affected has been Raúl Lizoain, who was going to sign for the minimum (€ 77,500) and LaLiga did not give his approval to be below his estimated valuation. Even so, LaLiga has allowed Málaga to register for the minimum wage to several players and thus have a staff with a minimum of guarantees to compete. 444444

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