Villar, Padrón and Comas, closer to going to trial for the 'Case Recre'

The complainant has 10 days to present his accusation to open an oral trial. The provisional dismissal with Jorge Pérez, Maté, Castillón and el Marino is decreed.

Three years after Miguel Ángel Galán (director of the CENAFE coaching school) filed a complaint against the former RFEF president Ángel María Villar in the 'Case of Recreation', the investigation has taken a new step. The court of instruction number 5 of Majadahonda has notified the parties today a new car, to which AS has had access, for which there are two clear things: on the one hand, Villar, Juan Padrón (former economic vice president of the Federation) and Pablo Comas (former president of Recre) is one step closer to going to trial as investigated by alleged unfair administration, while the provisional dismissal and the file of the present proceedings have been decreed regarding Jorge Pérez, who was secretary general of the RFEF, Marcelino Maté, (former president of the Federation of Castilla y León), and José María Castillón, manager of the Mutualidad de Futbolistas.

Now Miguel Ángel Galán has 10 days to present his accusation in court, something that is not yet Of course, because of the cost of the operation and because one of its objectives, the departure of Villar from the Federation, already occurred a year ago and m edio. After this decision, the judge will decide whether to open an oral trial or not in a case in which it is studied whether there was treatment in favor of Recreation and the Marine by the RFEF, presided then by Villar, a few seasons to let them process chips despite having debts, something that was not done with other clubs as set by the rules, and having allegedly given aid of about 1.2 million from a subsidy of the CSD. 2

In the interrogations of Judge Gregorio María Callejo during These last two years, Villar came to blame Jorge Pérez, assuring that former RFEF worker was the one who signed that kind of favor deal. However, Jorge Pérez will no longer go to trial if he is finally held. Juan Padrón, on the other hand, accepted in his day his right not to answer any questions, although clarified before all this matter is a strategy of Miguel Cardenal (former Secretary of State) and that Miguel Galán (complainant) only fulfilled orders . The rest assured that they had no responsibilities and that the decisions were made by Villar. The former president of the RFEF, accused of embezzlement, unfair administration and sports corruption, risks disabling this issue while still being charged in other open investigations such as the 'Operation Soule' and the 'Haiti Case'. 222222

of the 17-page order (07-29-2019):

"Continue the processing of these Preliminary Proceedings for the procedures of the Abbreviated Procedure, in case the facts investigated to D. ANGEL MARIA VILLAR LLONA, D. JUAN PADRÓN MORALES and D. PABLO COMAS MATA, were constitutive of an alleged crime of unfair administration, for which purpose they were transferred to the Prosecutor's Office, and, where appropriate, to the individual accusations filed, so that in the common period of ten days, they may file indictment, requesting the opening of an oral trial in the manner prescribed by the Law or the dismissal of the case, notwithstanding that they may exceptionally requesting the practice of the complementary procedures that they consider essential to formulate the accusation. The provisional dismissal and the file of the present proceedings in relation to the facts related to the Marine Club are decreed. Notify this resolution to the Public Prosecutor and the other parties. notification ".

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