Valverde: "It was not my best day ... but neither was the worst"

The Murcia did not want to be a defeatist after yielding 23 "with Roglic, López and Pogacar. At 39, he is the only trick of a Movistar who saw how Nairo disconnected.

Alejandro Valverde appeared in the fog of La Cubilla at the wheel of Imanol Erviti, who was coming from the escape and was able to do the last meters. Marc Soler ("was fantastic") had been his great ally when the Murcia faltered after the attacks of Miguel Ángel López, the great animator of the last ascent. It wasn't the face of Holly, where it really felt good, but I didn't want defeatism either: “It wasn't my best day, but it wasn't the worst. In the Holly I won a few seconds and today I lose less, well, one thing for the other. ”

The Murcia, who came to this Tour stating that Nairo was the leader of Movistar, already knows that at 39 he is in charge of get the face of the Spanish team in general (they have two stage wins), more when Nairo, who left time again (2:34 with Roglic, 2:11 with him and is already sixth), seems totally disconnected from the career that started so well on the way to Calpe. “If there is land left to win the Tour? Of course, and to lose it, ”he analyzed. But he is also optimistic that “Roglic was seen some weakness when Lopez attacked.”

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