Valencia resigns Álvaro Medrán, who leaves free

The midfielder has dissociated himself from the entity and now he will have to look for equipment. He was negotiating with Rayo Vallecano.

The transfer market closed last night for Valencia with the good news that Rodrigo Moreno is still on the team. But in addition to that, initially Alvaro Medran and Ruben Sobrino were also going to continue in the first team despite having been discarded. Finally, the midfielder did disassociate himself from the black and white at the last minute. Álvaro Medrán leaves without leaving benefit in the coffers itself and without having played just meetings with the squad. In recent days, he negotiated his return to Lightning. 222222

Moreover, Rubén Sobrino will remain in Valencia at least until Christmas. players ahead, including Vallejo.

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