Valencia costumes explode against Marcelino's dismissal

Even, Garay, Paulista, among others, have posted messages on their social networks in favor of the Asturian coach and against Peter Lim's decision to kick him out.

Marcelino's dismissal as coach of Valencia has meant a bomb inside the ché locker room. The squad was to death with his coach and the dismissal has left all players facing each other. In fact, the heavyweights of Valencia have not taken long to leave the arena and publicly thanked the work done by Marcelino.

Dani Parejo, Valencian captain, has used his personal Twitter account to send a clear and resounding message, accompanied by the famous photo in which he is seen hugging Marcelino in last season's game against Valladolid. "Mister, I wish you the best. I am sure that you will do well wherever you go and let you work. 222222 Thank you for making the club bigger and my best player," wrote the one from Coslada. 444444

Rodrigo Moreno, another of the pesos heavy, also thanked the confidence that Marcelino has given him during all these weeks in which the Spaniard backed up like never before when his signing was altered by Atlético. 2 "THANK YOU for every Mr.", Rodrigo has posted on Instagram with a photo of the Asturian technician maintained by the template. A message that Jaume Doménech also joined with a "thank you."

Gaya, another captain of the Che team, also remembered his former coach. 222222 "Thank you very much for making us a champion team. Good luck in the future, he will always be grateful, "said the side.

Gabriel Paulista, in the same line as Parejo, has fired affectionately from his former coach and has released a dart against the club's management around his march: " We are professionals and we must continue defending a shield and a hobby, although it is difficult to understand ".

Ezequiel Garay also sent a strong message after the technician left:" After many years with you (not only in Valencia) I know perfectly how you are, both professionally and personally. But not only I keep it, you have shown it to everyone, because the road is demonstrated by walking and you have made a clean, transparent and healthy route. You go through the big door, Mr. Who has made this decision NO It only took you ahead, dragged a whole team and hobby, something that loud and clear I say: IT IS NOT FAIR ".

Piccini joined the thanks of his teammates on Instagram: "Thanking you for professional achievements makes little sense because it is under everyone's eyes, what you have done for this club, for its people and for this group. I especially want to thank you for the person that you are, and that you have proven to be always, especially in difficult times like my recent injury. A person full of values and good feelings, who deserves the best in this life. Together to your technical body THANK YOU VERY MUCH ".

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