Tour of Spain 2019: stages, profiles and route

Check here the 21 stages that make up the tour of the Tour of Spain 2019 (from August 24 to September 15) and their respective profiles.

The Tour of Spain is here. The 2019 edition will start at Salinas de Torrevieja (Alicante) with a team time trial, and will conclude three weeks later with the traditional arrival in Madrid. This Tour has great absences of favorites and Primimo Roglic will be the one who receives the most attention. Next we review the full course of the race:

Stage 1. Team time trial - 18 km (Saturday, August 24)

Alicante will give the kick-off of the Vuelta a España 2019 with an 18km team time trial in Torrevieja. With a completely flat profile, at sea level, the route will be a mere aperitif to establish minimal differences between the teams, which will still have full energies. 444444 Stage 2. Half mountain - 193 km (Sunday, August 25)

Although in shape Soft, it will not take long to see the first mountains of this Tour. The second stage will already have three ascents: Confrides (2nd), Benilloba (3rd) and Alto de Puig Llorença (2nd). It will be an ideal leg-breaking ground for brave adventurers to try to squeeze the sprinter teams from the exit. 444444 Stage 3. Llana - 186 km (Monday, August 26)

On the margin of the previous stage, where a leak can give The surprise will be the first day where sprinters are the top candidates for victory. Two small ports appear in the orography of the route in the final third, but its low hardness will not prevent the sprinters from arriving with full guarantees to the goal of Alicante.

4 Stage 4. Llana - 177 km (Tuesday, August 27)

Second day Consecutive for the interests of sprinters. The route, practically flat and above sea level, only presents a mountainous difficulty in the heart of the Sierra de Calderona: the Oronet. After its descent, the platoon will pass through the towns of Torres Torres and Puerto de Sagunto until it concludes in the sprint of El Puig.

4 Stage 5. Half mountain - 165 km (Wednesday, August 28)

First stage in which the Favorites at the end of the tour. The outcome will host the first entity port of this Tour: Alto de Javalambre. Its observatory, located at 1,950 meters of altitude, will witness the first important differences between the favorites, thanks to a port of 11.6 km (1st category) .

Stage 6. Half mountain - 196 km (Thursday, August 29 )

The course of the race will turn north, towards Castellón, with a new leg-breaker stage of almost 200 kilometers (one of the longest in this edition). The victory will be decided in Puerto de Ares (3rd category), where explosive runners can put high mountain climbers in check. The sprinters, without options. 444444 Stage 7. Mountain - 182 km (Friday, August 30)

The race will arrive in Castellón to continue heading north, always along the Mediterranean coast. Up to five ports will be promoted, the day with more mountainous difficulties so far, with a demanding end in the Alto Mas de la Costa (1st category). They will be only 4.4 km of climb, but with really hard slopes: average of 12% and maximums above 20% .

Stage 8. Half mountain - 168 km (Saturday, August 31)

Already in Catalonia, the runners will live another leg breaker day, near the rest day. Before arriving at the Port of Montserrat (2nd), crowned 27 km from the finish line, the race will be a constant rise and fall that will harm the runners from start to finish.

4 Stage 9. Mountain - 96 km (Sunday, 1 of September)

First key stage, but not decisive, of this Tour of Spain 2019. After the transfer prior to this stage, the platoon will live a tense journey from beginning to end, entirely by Andorran territory. It will be the shortest stage of this edition (apart from the counter-movements), but also the most exciting. There will be five ports concentrated in the 96 km stage, linked one after the other. La Gallina will be the first port of true entity (special category) with its 12 km at 8.5% of average slope. It will also present a great novelty: the sterrato will see the light for the first time in a Tour. Once passed, the final at Els Cortals d'Encamp (1st category) will issue sentence

4 DAY OF REST (Monday, September 2) Stage 10. Individual time trial - 36 km (Tuesday, September 3)

After the rest day , the favorites will be forced to present battle in an individual time trial played over French territory: from Jurançon to Pau. It will be practically flat, so its profile is ideal for pure specialists against the clock and powerful riders. The climbers will suffer. 444444 Stage 11. Half mountain - 180 km (Wednesday, September 4)

The Tour continues in France. Departure in Saint-Palais and ascent to Col d'Osquich, from trcera, before crossing Navarra through the Col d'Ispéguy, second. After the Col de Otxondo, third, intermediate sprint 9 km from the finish line and arrival at Urdax-Dantxarinea, very close to the border.

4 Stage 12. Half mountain - 171 km (Thursday, September 5)

Two different parts. The first 100 kilometers, mostly flat from the Circuit of Navarra to Otxandio, already in the Basque Country. After the descent to Dima, the terrain is complicated with three consecutive thirds: the Alto de Urruztimendi, the Alto de El Vivero and, already in Bilbao, the ascent to Arraiz with the ruins of the fort as a backdrop. Before the intermediate sprint, 10 km from the finish line 444444 Stage 13. Mountain - 166 km (Friday, September 6)

You leave Bilbao and face the Alto de la Escrita (3rd), the Alto de Ubal (3rd) , the Colón del Asón (2nd), the Alto de Alisas (2nd), the Puerto de la Fuente de las Varas (3rd) and the Puerto de la Cruz de Usaño (3rd) before the jewel of the day: Los Machucos, a Very hard ascent of special category, 6.8 km to 9.2% and ramps up to 25%. He already appeared in the Tour of 2017, with victory for Alberto Contador. In Arredondo, 12 km from the finish line, intermediate sprint. 444444 Stage 14. Llana - 188 km (Saturday, September 7)

Rumbo west to touch Cantabria, first, and then Asturias. You will leave San Vicente de la Barquera and face an auspicious route for a massive end with a single ascent to Alto de la Madera, third. The intermediate sprint will be located in Gijón, at kilometer 151.

Stage 15. Mountain - 154 km (Sunday, September 8)

The Tour continues to enter Asturian territory, with its mountains as protagonists and ending high. The chained of the day, very hard with four first, starts with a first step through the Holly almost out. After passing through Cangas del Narcea, the Puerto del Connio arrives, which links with the Well of the Dead Women and, again, El Acebo, this time in its toughest slope. In El Llano, kilometer 140, there will be flying.

Stage 16. Mountain - 144 km (Monday, September 9)

More wood, even in Asturias, with two first and a new high end, this special category. From the exit of Pravia the terrain is steep until reaching the Port of San Lorenzo. Next comes La Cobertoria and finally La Cubilla, a monument to the northern landscape that is released in this edition. The flight will be in Campomanes, at kilometer 116.

DAY OF REST (Tuesday, September 10) Stage 17. Llana - 219 km (Wednesday, September 11)

From Castilla y León to Castilla-La Mancha on a day that will end with a Sprint for sprinters if no leak takes advantage of the favorable terrain and comes to fruition. The intermediate sprint will be located in Atienza, at kilometer 103, and the end will sting upwards in the longest stage of this year. 444444 Stage 18. Mountain - 177 km (Thursday, September 12)

The platoon arrives in Madrid to face a recurring chain by the Sierra de Guadarrama. They will climb four first: Navacerrada, the Morcuera in its two slopes and Cotos. After the descent, finish at Becerril de la Sierra. Before, at kilometer 135, sprint at Rascafría. 444444 Stage 19. Llana - 165 km (Friday, September 13)

From Ávila the Alto de la Paramera faces, third. In the descent you pass through El Barraco, cradle of cyclists such as Carlos Sastre, Ángel Arroyo or El Chava Jiménez. After flat terrain with a final trap, a kilometer of cobblestone climb in Toledo to the finish line. La volata, in Albarreal de Tajo, kilometer 134.

Stage 20. Mountain - 190 km (Saturday, September 14)

A day of Abilense designed by Carlos Sastre. Hard route with six ports: the Port of Pedro Bernardo (1st), Serranillos (2nd), Navatalgordo (2nd), Chia (3rd), Peña Negra (1st), main course of the day, and the final stop in the Platform of Gredos (3rd), which will virtually crown the winner of the edition. The intermediate sprint, in Hoyos del Espino, at kilometer 179.

Stage 21. Llana - 106 km (Sunday, September 15)

Departure in Fuenlabrada and triumphal ride through the streets of Madrid with an intermediate sprint at kilometer 60. The red jersey You can show off and celebrate and the sprinters will fight for a prestigious victory in Plaza de Cibeles.


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