"The Tour is decided now"

Miguel Indurain was honored in Pau, where the chrono of the Vuelta is celebrated on Tuesday, together with Pedro Delgado and Óscar Pereiro. The three gave their opinion on the round.

In Pau, "the most important city in world cycling", as defined by Javier Guillén, Miguel Indurain, Pedro Delgado and Óscar Pereiro were honored as winners of the Tour in an open-air museum called the Museum of the Giants. There are the totems with plates of all the winners of the Tour and the three Spaniards uncovered theirs, which is part of the 109 winners of the French round (Bernal was not yet) .

The three champions took the opportunity to give their opinion on La Vuelta, which like the Tour, hosts the chrono of the race. Indurain, who made the ribbon cut, pointed out that "a new Lap starts now and we will see how they are going to start opening differences" . He added that, after the time in which Roglic starts as a favorite, "there is still a lot of land with key stages in areas such as Asturias and Madrid." although the first five, among which are also Nairo, Valverde, Superman López and Pogacar seem to be able to fight for the race. About the cyclists of the Movistar, Pereiro said: "Nairo and Valverde have options and are strong, we hope they don't spoil it by fighting each other" .

Photos from as.com
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