Three expulsions, four days: added deficit for Betis

Rubi's team already has two clashes in which he was in inferiority from very soon. His defensive fragility, the main cause.

Betis has a serious imbalance problem that so far failed to fix after four days of the League. in the first minutes and before Getafe yesterday was William Carvalho who left the field before the first half hour. A whole deficit that the green-white team must correct if it does not want each clash to become an impossible mission. Getafe the problem was repeated and in addition to an initial penalty he encountered another expulsion motivated by the defensive disorganization of the team. The technician finds no solution to a problem that has already conditioned two duels of this League and that minimizes the options of his team to fight in the high zone of the classification. He saved a point yesterday and almost achieved it against Valladolid, but this problem strips more lacks than those reflected only in the result. of what is desired and the team does not reflect any hint of reliability in its middle and defensive zone.

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