The undefined Zidane

The prologue of the preseason and the league start announce the confusion of Madrid. The French technician does not find a stable tactical model.

Almost six months after his return Zidane still cannot find a stable system and alignment. Madrid manifests the same symptoms of hesitation, irregularity and lack of automatisms that condition it so much. 2 Zidane has already tried different tactical models (1-4-3-3, 1-4-4-2, 1-4-2- 3-1 ...) and diverse players, looking too much at the opponent, but it does not limit the problems of balancing a transparent team in the face of adversary transitions - 13 against actions per game - and of unequal offensive performance.

Madrid has faced the three league games against Celta, Valladolid and Villarreal with different game patterns. 222222 Zidane arranged in the premiere a 1-4-3-3, with Bale and Vinicius as ends to leg changed. On the second day, he maintained the disposition, but the titles of James as third midfielder and Isco starting on the left molded a variant aimed at taking the initiative further. Zidane's last turn came against Villarreal by choosing a 1-4-4-2, with Lucas and Bale on the wings and Jovic up next to Benzema. Another proposal that is far from the previous ones in concept and structure and that increases the confusion. Indefinition consumes the football credit of Madrid. 444444

Madrid's contradictions seem endemic. Their difficulties can be attributed to individual errors and a certain deficit of hit - eight goal plays per game and only six goals - but the tactical drowning persists in their performances. Zidane does not fix defensive balance situations, ineffective vigilance over rivals. Casemiro is the only reliable element that contributes to consistency. The middle center adds 35 recoveries in the three official matches. Even so, if the first pressure does not work, Madrid is split in two unable to stop the ruptures between lateral and central and the supports between the lines. Mendy helped in this work in the last commitment. Zidane decided his inclusion before the vertigo of Chukwueze and the incorrigible neglects of Marcelo.


In offensive phase, with Hazard in the infirmary, lacks of internal game, with a very low average of seven actions of attack by the central lane in relation to the 35 on the right and 31 on the left. It also exceeds the side centers by signing 19 per meeting (34 during the afternoon of Valladolid). The football of Madrid needs to enrich its resources in attack.

The base of 1-4-3-3

is the drawing used against Celta, until the expulsion of Modric, before Valladolid until the entrances of Vinicius and Jovic and in the end of the duel in front of Villarreal. In Balaidos it worked and provided security. The entrance of James on Valladolid day gave him a more incisive air.

4 The adjustment of 1-4-4-2

Zidane opted for this structure to win in depth against Villareal. Casemiro's defensive presence is lost by having to cover more field and Jovic and Benzema need to refine their alliance. The final against Valladolid marked more a 1-4-2-4 than a 1-4-4-2.

The start of 1-4-2-3-1

The preseason began with this system against Bayern and returned in the win about the Fenerbahçe. In some situation it was also against Valladolid. It has room with James or Isco of mediapuntas, even with Benzema as an intermediate step to Jovic.

4 The appeal of 1-3-5-2

Another provision of Madrid that wore in summer against Salzburg and Rome. He did not address his vulnerability in the withdrawal - 24 cons of the Austrian team - despite the role of Casemiro. The very bad first act in Italy caused Zidane to set him aside for now.

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