The stage of the day: profile and route of day 11

The return returns from France to arrive today at Urdax (Navarra), on an ideal day for leaks and stage hunters.

Follow the live broadcast of stage 11 of the Tour of Spain

La Vuelta, after the wear of Pau's chrono for favorites, returns this Wednesday from France (departure at St Palaix) to reach Urdax (Navarra) . broken day, with three ports and land to be able to form a leak, which must be a day for the stakeshunters if no team with fast runners insists on controlling .222222

Basque mythology as it did in 2016. In fact, this repetition (the final circuit is similar to that of then) seems to pay off the debt of three years ago, when Urdax was the end of the longest stage of the Tour (213 km) and the winner was Valerio Conti in a flight in which he had no opposition from a platoon that entered chatting and without competitive hunger at almost 34 minutes. This Wednesday, in a shorter route (180) a more attractive spectacle is expected than then.

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