The return of Chus Puras, great incentive of the Princess of Asturias

The Cantabrian returns and will face the cast of favorites, with the candidates for the title, Pepe López and Iván Ares, and the reappeared 'Rocket' Suárez.

Back to school for the Spanish Championship at the Princess of Asturias Rally. An always special appointment for being one of the three big ones of the calendar next to the Catalonia of the World Cup and the Canary Islands of the European, which this time will be even more for the return to the action of Chus Puras at the wheel of a Citroën C3. The Cantabrian will face, among others, the favorites to the title, Pepe López and Iván Ares, and the reappeared 'Rocket' Suárez.

The complicated Asturian roads will once again be the scene of a great event with an illustrious name. A scenario in which Puras will not only face López, Ares and Suárez, but also the other R5 vehicles driven by Surhayen Pernía, Roberto Blach, Óscar Palacio or Emma Falcón among others. Absent Xevi Pons, López is heading towards the title of the mixed Supercampeonato, while on the asphalt he will have to deal with Ares until the end of the year. the two driving wheels the Alberto Monarri Abarth will be the binomial to beat. The test will also be scored for the RMC Cup and for the Suzuki Cup.


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