The mythical blow of Bernard Hinault in the Sierra de Gredos

The Sierra de Gredos transports us to the Tour of Spain in 1983, for many the best in history, and the mythical blow of Bernard Hinault to sentence.

The Sierra de Gredos inevitably transports us to Vuelta a España of 1983, for many the best in history, and the mythical blow of Bernard Hinault that sentenced the race.

At the fear that that edition was true turned into a walk of Hinault, which had already won four times the Tour, two the Turn and one the Vuelta. That did not happen. On the contrary, The Tejón suffered before the competition of Spanish cyclists. Up to four of them wore the yellow jersey: Marino Lejarreta, Julián Gorospe, Alberto Fernández and Alvaro Pino.

Gorospe wore the 21st and 22nd stilts through the gates of the second to 222 Peña Negra (1st), Pico (3rd), Serranillos (1st) and Paramera (2nd) .

The world champion, Giuseppe Saronni because he also led the first time22 in the second place22 , which generated great controversy and enormous public hostility towards the Breton, after Javier Mínguez, director of Zor, accused both of running sidekicks.

In Serranillos, 1111221 Laurent Fignon22 2 accelerated the pace for his boss, who launched a brutal attack. Initially, only Marino and Gorospe could follow him, but this fell apart to such an extent that at the finish line he gave 20:40 minutes.

Hinault he imposed himself to Lejarreta and talk on the road. " In Madrid shared the podium with Marino (at 1:12) and Fernández (at 3:58). It cost him so much to win that Turn that ended with a tendonitis in a knee that condemned his participation in the Tour.

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