The Grizzlies refuse to let Iguodala go for nothing

The player would have asked the franchise to release him from his contract to be able to reach as a free agent any applicant to win the ring.

The storm that formed at the beginning of July in the NBA market has passed, but there is still some way to talk in the future. One of the most obvious is that of Andre Iguodala. The now Grizzlies player arrived in Memphis after six seasons in the Warriors where he was instrumental in the successes of the Californian team. But the acquisition of D'Angello Russell via sing-and-trade forced the franchise of La Bahía to release one of the great contracts of the staff. 222222 Discarded Curry, Klay and Green, they only had Iguodala and his 17 million dollars .

They managed to place their contract in Memphis because they also included a first round. But the Grizzlies, a team in clear reconstruction, does not seem the right place for a player who has proven to be more than useful in the playoffs. So Iguadala is determined that his new franchise will release him from his contract and, as a free agent, he will have the freedom to choose a new destination in which it could be, according to several sources, the last active season of the player who, by the way, he is in the last year of his current contract. 444444

But the Grizzlies do not seem to work . Shams Charania, of The Athletic, has confirmed that in Tennessee they do not consider sitting with the eaves to discuss this possibility and that they would only let him go in a transfer with another team. The goal in Memphis would be to achieve another first round, in addition to some player who would have to enter the lot to balance the 17 million Iguodala charges. Two teams seem to have the pole in these conditions: Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets. The first have been playing since that July of madness and Moe Harkless, which charges 11.5 million and is in its last year of contract, could be the perfect piece to make the transfer fruitful.

The Nuggets, which have not been talked about so much, are also an aspirant to consider. Marc Stein of The New York Times confirms that they have an "ambitious" plan to try to gain their services. In his case, Mason Plumlee (14 million and also last year of contract) would be the most feasible option. Although according to Stein, they do not seem so convinced to give a first round, something that in their opinion would be too high a price. 444444

Other teams that sound are the Lakers, the Rockets and the Mavericks. 222222 In the case of the first two they have very difficult (if not impossible) to get hold of Iguodala if the Grizzlies don't release him before. The salary space is nil and neither have any player with a similar salary and who can leave (Danny Green in the Lakers or Capela and Gordon in the Rockets) .

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