The graphic chronicle of a historical battle: Nadal vs. Medvedev

Infographic that analyzes in detail the sequence of the final of the US Open through statistics and decisive moments.

Nadal's fourth crown at the US Open, his 19th Grand Slam title, found Medvedev's capitalist resistance in a final for history. It was a fierce battle that lasted for 4 hours and 50 minutes, finally imposing the Spanish tennis player 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6 and 6-4. The match can be explained from different perspectives, but the exhibition of the statistics offers a vision of why Nadal took the glory. Nadal took the first sleeve after starting break down. The variety of heights in the blows of the Balearic discolored Medvedev, which shot up to 20 unforced errors. The second set also had the Spanish seal more easily. The first percentage of the Russian tennis player was just 54% and Nadal ruled the scene. 444444

It seemed that everything would be simple for the player who has won bigger only behind Federer. Nadal broke Medvedev's service to put the 3-2 in the third set, but the Russian turned the scoreboard with winning shots (18 in total). The dynamics remained in the fourth round, which fell in favor of the young player of 23 years. In the fifth and final, when Medvedev looked like a giant, Nadal refused and changed the inertia of the duel. His bravery, with 15 winners and 13 winning points on the net, combined with his strategy of using more cutting to force an already tired Medvedev earned him a new great in his career. A Nadal worked his first serve all night (77% of points won) and, despite his difficulties in converting the breaks -6 of 21, a success rate of 29% when his average in the ATP reaches 45% - , managed to bend to Medvedev. This is the graphic chronicle of the match. 444444

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