The first macrojuicio of Spanish football begins

In total there are 36 players accused, the 18 summoned by each team for that clash, in addition to Aguirre, Zaragoza coach at that stage.

Begins the first macro trial in Spain for the alleged adjustment of the Levante-Zaragoza of the last meeting of the 2010-2011 season. The 42 defendants, including 36 soccer players, Javier Aguirre, the Aragonese team as a legal entity, in addition to Agapito Iglesias and other executives of the entity, face possible penalties of up to two years in jail and six disqualification. 444444

All of them were summoned from 9.30 am, where they were progressively arriving at the City of Justice in Valencia. From early in the morning the protagonists were succeeding at the gates of the court. 2 Toni Doblas, Jarosik, Leo Franco, Ander Herrera or Gabi, by Zaragoza, the first arrived; while Juanfran, Manolo Reina, Iborra, Ballesteros or Javi Venta on the Valencian side.

The Tirant I Chamber hosted the first session of the trial, which, from September 3 to 13, is initially reserved for the raising of previous issues and the Interrogation of the defendants. 222222 The Prosecutor's Office defends that the Aragonese team transferred about one million euros (965,000) to several of its players and that these were handed over to the players of the Orriols group, which as an entity is not accused in that trial, to avoid the descent to the Second Division as defended by the Prosecutor, LaLiga and Deportivo de la Coruña, a team damaged by the alleged size


The Valencia Judge of Instruction, Isabel Rodríguez, came to dismiss and file the case at not being able to prove any type of crime by not finding enough evidence or evidence to incuse anyone. In that sense, the statement of the referee of the meeting, David Fernández Borbalán, was important. The referee "did not appreciate any passive or suspicious behavior of the players", but instead stated that "it was an intense game."

However, the Valencia Provincial Court decided to start a new process in January 2018 with that the result of this trial will thus set the first precedent for this type of assumptions. ” Spanish football sits for the first time on a bench for an alleged size. 222222

Those involved

Among the players who have gone to the trial, the 18 of each team that entered the call for that meeting, in addition to Real Zaragoza -as a legal entity-, as well as its former president, Agapito Iglesias; two former directors of the Maño club, Francisco Checa and Javier Porquera; his former coach, Javier Aguirre; and his former sports director, Antonio Prieto. 444444

Levante: Miguel Pallardó, Gustavo Munúa, Rafael Jordá, Sergio Ballesteros, Juanfran García, Ja vi Venta, Rubén Suárez, Xavi Torres, Wellington da Silva, Jefferson Montero, Robusté, Manuel Reina, Caicedo, Cristian Stuani, Vicente Iborra, Héctor Rodas, Xisco Muñoz and David Cerrajería.

Zaragoza: Maurizio lanzaro, Toni Doblas, Paulo da Silva , Ander Herrera, Gabi Fernández, Jorge López, Braulio, Ponzio, Carlos Diogo, Ivan Obradovic, Adam Pinter, Javier Paredes, Leo Franco, Jarosik, Ikechukwu Uche, Lafita, Nicolás Bertolo and Said Boutahar.

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