The deadline to request tickets for the derby on the 28th is over

White fans who have requested seats for the next match against Atlético will pay 100 euros, the same price that was set for the 2017-18 campaign.

On September 28, the Wanda Metropolitano will be filled for the third consecutive time to receive the derby between athletics and Real Madrid players. Precisely, today, September 16, has concluded the deadline for all Madrid fans who want to go to the stadium rojiblanco can request their tickets (the opening date was opened on Monday 9) .

For this meeting the red and white directive the same price he imposed for the 2017-2018 season: 100 euros. On that occasion there were about 900 Real Madrid who paid a hundred euros to witness the first derby in the new Red and White Coliseum. As then, they will occupy the high tier of the north bottom, a usual sector for fans of rival clubs. As usual, white followers will be escorted by the police before , during and after the meeting. 444444

Last season (2018-19, although the meeting was played in February), there was some discomfort in Madrid for the price of Tickets put for your fans. Then, each town cost 120 euros. 2 That led to almost half of Madrid fans who had come to the debut in the new stadium: 450 fans from Madrid met in the Metropolitan. Of course, all the tickets arranged for Madrid players were sold. 222222 The complaint came from the fact that for the first round meeting, Madrid put a price of 90 euros for the red and white , and it seemed excessive the cost of each ticket (30 euros more). From the rojiblanco sector it was defended that this increase was due to the location of the fans: while in the Bernabéu, the rival fans usually occupy the fourth amphitheater of the north bottom, the situation in the Metropolitan is equivalent to a second amphitheater, a better situation.

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