The controversy around the power of the Ferrari engine returns

"Mercedes, Honda and Renault cannot explain the great superiority of the Italian engine in the straight lines," says Michael Schmidt in 'Auto Motor und Sport'.

The notable top speed exhibited by the Ferrari in the long straight lines of Spa Francorchamps and Monza, where the Mercedes could barely approach the rear wing of the SF90 using the DRS, has returned to the focus of the controversy of the Formula 1 World Cup to the Maranello power unit. 444444

A debate, customary since last season in the 'Grand Circus', that they have not wanted to overlook in 'Auto Motor und Sport' in the usual review they perform after the dispute of a test. Michael Schmidt says that Mercedes, Honda and Renault still cannot give a reason that justifies the great superiority of the Italian machine in the straight lines. 222222

"Ferrari, right now, has the best engine. Mercedes, Honda and Renault cannot explain The superiority that Ferrari has had in the straight lines for half a year. ” Behind the scenes it is suggested that it may not be so legal” , says Schmidt.


The journalist of this German publication fuels the controversy by expressing two theories that would explain the Propeller supremacy designed by Corrado Iotti: "There are only two possibilities. That the MGU-K of the Ferrari recovers more than the 120 kW allowed or that in the slow turns take fuel behind the measurement point, store it there and then inject it. There are no other options ".

At the moment, and taking as reference two phonometric studies that s And they made in the classification of the Grand Prix of Bahrain 2019 and the evolutions that the four manufacturers have released this year, Ferrari and Mercedes would have the same power (1,010 hp), with Renault and Honda at 35 and 38 horses respectively. 222222 But the debate look back to northern Italy


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