The City puts spending limit on Pep

The Spanish coach admits that they have not been able to compete with other clubs when hiring players because they put a cap.

Pep Guardiola has talked about Manchester City's transfer policy. This season they have invested more than last season, in which they only signed Riyad Mahrez of Leicester City for 67.8 million. This summer they have been reinforced with Rodri, Cancelo, Pedro Porro, Angeliño, Steffen and Mesinho, spending 168 million euros in total 44444 333333 of the number of clubs not allowed to compete. we could buy like the rest of the opponents or give the teams what they asked for for their players ".

Explains that this year's investment has been greater because in the previous one they decided to save and close only one incorporation, Riyad Mahrez: " Of course We spent two seasons ago, but last season we only bought one player ".

But the increase in the budget has not served to compete with other teams capable of offering much more for their market goals: " This season was going to be just one little more, so we couldn't pay what the teams wanted. "

Guardiola says that to have a quality bench you have to pay large salaries and that is what does not allow many players to sign each year: "The club works incredibly well in all departments and sometimes we can not afford to spend as they do Others, that's all. We pay a lot of money to a lot of players, which is why we have a great depth of workforce with enormous quality, but we cannot do it all the time. "

The Spanish coach acknowledged that the club put a cap on the time to spend money to hire players and has stuck to it, although he thinks that continuing with the same block one more campaign can help the team be more united: "The club told me: 'You have a limit and you can not go beyond. Maybe in the future, but for now you can't do it. ' I said that it is worth it, that I would not do it, and we have not done it, so we go with what we have, but sometimes, when that happens, the team joins more we are finding solutions to do that. We will work Unfortunately now we cannot do it for the selection stop, but we will work on it ".

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