The Caja Rural is the guest who does not want to miss the party

In the Spanish round, the four continental professionals are hogging the spotlights. They have already won three, except Caja Rural: Burgos, Cofidis and Euskadi-Murias.

From being the usual animators of the stages to main protagonists. That has been the step forward that the invited teams have taken in the Vuelta 2019. In the last year they will be awarded the four seats for non-World Tour sets 'by finger' (next season there will be only two invitations without taking into account the classification of the category), in the Spanish round the four continental professionals are hogging the spotlights. Three of them have already won the stage: Burgos with Madrazo, Cofidis with Jesús Herrada and Euskadi-Murias with Iturria. 2 In addition, Cofidis has dressed the leader's jersey with Edet and Burgos, that of the mountain with his own Madrazo. 444444

That balance leaves the Rural Box as the only one that has not yet wet. 2 But it will not be because it has not stayed close, since its runners have touched the victory continuously, being the second places of Aranburu in Igualada and Bilbao, and Jonathan Lastra in Urdax, the most prominent in his seven top-10. The two cyclists, who curiously share a room during this Tour, do not resign. "I think the whole team is doing well, the victories are very expensive, with very strong rivals as happened to me in Bilbao against Gilbert, but we will keep trying," says an Aranburu who, at 23 years old and with victories this year in Madrid and Burgos, it is meat of World Tour. 444444

"Victory has to come, but it is very difficult to win in a big one. What we are demonstrating is that we can be fighting to win," tells Lastra, which ensures that with their roommate they were studying which were the most favorable days to enter the getaway. Until Madrid, there are few opportunities left (today it could be a road to Guadalajara), but if they achieve the long-awaited victory, the unprecedented circumstance in the World Tour era would happen that all guests go home with stage wins.

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