The Astana avoided Roglic major evils

The Slovenian maintained the leadership, despite running out of equipment, after the push of Astana, who also defended his interests. It is still the big favorite.

If you are not attentive every day, the cut catches you. That is the conclusion that we could see in the thrilling stage on the road to Guadalajara. 2 Nairo managed to sneak into the start escape, with a rhythm that was very high at all times, which left the platoon bewildered. Roglic ran out of equipment and it was the Astana who shot, defending his interests, and prevented the Slovenian from having greater evils. The runners knew from the start that something like this could happen, since most of them set up plates of 55 and 56. I remember a similar stage in 1996, between Cuenca and Albacete, in which it was my first Lap. It rolled very fast and there was also wind. Induráin entered the leading group.

Even so, I think that Roglic, after having a hard time in certain sections of the stage, still has it very expensive to conquer this Tour. The Movistar again has two tricks. Despite being behind the Colombian, I see Valverde stronger than his partner, so Nairo should try to re-enter similar courts. Superman, Pogacar ... the fight for the podium has become even more expensive. Yesterday's wear can take its toll, because the Sierra de Madrid is demanding and a good place to move the race again.

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