Summary of the 16th stage of the Tour of Spain 2019

Consult the summary and the results of the 16th stage of the Vuelta a España that left Pravia and arrived at Alto de la Cubilla. In it Fuglsang prevailed.

Jakob Fuglsang took the 16th stage in the Cubilla. The Astana cyclist left the getaway and knew how to take advantage of the work of his partner Luis León Sánchez. The escape was very numerous and initially did not take much advantage, but after the second ascent the platoon let them go. Fuglsang changed the pace and no one could follow him. Among the roosters there was little movement. Only Superman López tested it within the last 5 kilometers. Pogacar held up well, it took Roglic, but he entered and only Valverde lost a few seconds. On the other hand, Bouchard will become leader of the mountain. Madrazo could not with the French. Read the chronicle of the 16th stage of the Tour.

So we live in AS the 16th stage of the Tour of Spain

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