Strap: out of danger after a seven-hour operation

It has fractures in both legs, but in principle they are not in danger. Also a small spinal injury. Stay in intensive care.

Already at dawn it was reported that the operation of Juan Manuel Correa carried out at the Liege Hospital had been a success. , clarifies the official statement. One of the legs was significantly more affected than the other, but after a seven-hour surgical intervention, which ended at three in the morning, there is some optimism and there is no danger.

Belly, which was conscious at all times until its entry In the operating room, he was transferred by helicopter from the circuit and now remains in intensive care, with his relatives and some close friends present at the Liege Hospital. Of 20 years old and born in Quito, Correa had two podiums this season.

F2's career at Spa-Francorchamps was suspended, although the rest of the programming continues. Yes there will be two minutes of silence for Hubert before the F3 test and the grand prize celebration, and more details and tributes are expected in the memory of the 22-year-old Frenchman, who died yesterday on the Belgian track.

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