Simeone banished João Felix and put Thomas where Ghana

The Eibar was 0-2 taking advantage of the confusion of the rojiblancos in the ball out from behind. Simeone put Joao Felix back in the band for 25 minutes, pulled Thomas forward, where he plays with Ghana, climbed and left the leading Atleti.

"We leave with a clear conscience of doing what we had to do, without getting behind and trying to attack the opponent. But Atlético is getting bigger, more money is spent, it has better players and it shows." This was explained by José Luis Mendilibar, coach of Eibar, the main reason why Atlético managed to overcome a 0-2 to his team, thus winning his third consecutive game and becoming leader. Desgrando the game at the tactical level we point out that Atlético left to the field with a 1-4-3-1-2 system (Oblak; Trippier, Giménez, Hermoso, Lodi; Llorente, Koke, Saúl; Lemar; João Félix and Costa). The approach of Mendilibar, taking a 1-4-2-3-1 with high block, discovered that Mario Hermoso continued to decentralize as in Butarque at the exit of the ball and Giménez and Oblak, who were disconnected and insecure in the initiation of the game from goal kick, as if Atlético had missed in his football the change in the rules for this season whereby the ball no longer has to leave the area when the goal kicks out. Now Oblak gives it short to the centrals and they throw a frontal ball with the pressure of the rival. At that he took his team Mendi, to press the bad and doubtful exit of the ball that this season shows the Atleti, and before the 20th minute the Eibar was 0-2, breaking down the initial plan of Simeone with Koke starting the game and two interiors (Llorente and Saúl) giving depth and breadth to the sides Trippier and Lodi (piece of signings!). Curious about Marcos Llorente, who was supposedly signed as a substitute for Rodrigo (how he misses him!) And whoever put Rodrigo to play went to Koke. 444444

Right after the second goal, Simeone asked his players to change the system and went to its classic 1-4-4-2, passing Lemar from behind the tips to the left wing and Koke, halfway to the right wing, arranging the double pivot Llorente-Saul. Then the Athletic one was ordered, demonstrating that this system yes they have worked it and arrived the 1-2 of João Félix. After the break Simeone again pointed to Llorente and took Vítolo, who was asked as a starter from the first minute. He continued with 1-4-4-2, with the midfield band players playing a changed leg (Lemar, on the right and Vítolo, on the left) and the sides attacking insistently with a superlative Lodi. From a progression of the Brazilian came the tie of Vitolo, who defined how only the superclass do. 2 It was the 52nd minute and just after the goal, Simeone kept the 1-4-4-2 and only modified the position of two players: He sent Lemar as second striker accompanying Costa and placed (again!) João Félix on the right wing away from his area of influence (his goals against Madrid, Juve and Eibar arrived with the Portuguese crack playing near the area not having to follow the rival side in defensive phase) .

The comeback was going to come because there was a lot of time ahead and unless the contagious confusion between Hermoso, Giménez and Oblak at the exit of the ball continued. And there was another moment of uncertainty before the draw at 2 222 222 222 with the people knocking the nth frontal shot of Hermoso and Giménez losing face to the ball and Oblak passing him from the goal area, again demonstrating that the phase of initiation of the game needs to be worked because if the ball does not go well from behind there is no connection with the media (that's why Koke and Saúl were not at their level) or with the strikers. But with João Félix in band the thing was complicated and there the Portuguese was banished incomprehensibly from the minute 53 to 77, 25 minutes, until the Cholo took Lemar and put Riquelme (the canterano enthused with his self-confidence, but he missed Iván Saponjic will stay off the bench, as a message from Simeone to the club that he wants another striker signed on). Before Riquelme's departure, the team also demanded air in the center of the field and it was normal that Héctor Herrera had entered, a half with level shown in Porto and an idol in Mexico (strange enough that he has not played a minute in the first three days) .

It was the 83rd minute, when Simeone decided to take João Félix out of the generalized stupefaction of the stands, especially of the thousands of children who proudly wear their Atleti shirt with the 7 and the name of the Portuguese in the back, who did not understand how to tie two at home removed their idol from the field. Simeone kept the 1-4-4-2 and put Thomas Partey as second striker alongside Costa. 2 In that forward position, Thomas plays with his national team and there he has played the Africa Cup with Ghana this summer. Simeone dida man-by-man exchange and pulled Thomas upside down and from that position where he loves to play, the Ghanaian achieved the victory goal in extremis, which Cholo celebrated exultant, as he deserved the comeback of a 0-2, having won three out of three, to be a leader of LaLiga Santander and leave happy to the team stop (Simeone will gather a few days and take them deserved rest as it always does when for LaLiga) .

In the seven minutes of extension, Atlético logically defended the result and he did it with the same 1-4-4-2 (Oblak; Trippier, Giménez, Hermoso, Lodi; Riquelme, Koke, Saúl, Vitolo; Thomas and Costa). Tremendo rejoiced the triumph for the 70 thousand of the Metropolitan, who, for the second game followed at home this season, did not shout once, strangely, the song "ole, ole, ole, Cholo Simeone!". But this time most of the Wanda fans did heed when he raised his arms, in that peculiar gesture, to direct them in the animation. Although they twisted the gesture when he took João Félix, they all smiled when Thomas scored the victory goal and everyone asks Vitolo for the start now. Athletics are proud of, as Mendilibar said, " Atlético is getting bigger and bigger, you spend more money and have better players." And that has to be noticed.


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