Ronaldo, "sure" to reach an agreement for Zorrilla "shortly"

The club president recognizes greater harmony with the City Council to acquire the stadium. The negotiations are "very advanced." Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be a new meeting.

When the Valladolid City Council transferred the expert appraisal of José Zorrilla to Real Valladolid, in the offices of the same stadium they twisted the gesture. "It is overrated," Ronaldo Nazário went on to say, that on Wednesday he participated in the World Football Summit when he said that, in his opinion, "el better price" would be la 11221122 “The mayor also laughs, but it would be natural for him to be that way; It is not for me, it is for the people of Valladolid, for our people. What we want is to give you the best comfort, "said the Brazilian star.


The highest shareholder of the Blanquivioleta entity recognized " very advanced negotiations " to increase the club's assets by acquiring the stadium," a fundamental piece "to continue developing its draft. “We cannot do large structural works because it is owned by the City Council; si out our, would be una prior. It is very important that it is ours and that we can continue changing the interior and exterior for the comfort of the fans. Surely we will reach an agreement. Now Oscar Bridge understands us better, ”he said. 444444

This Thursday there will be a meeting between the mayor, Óscar Puente, and Matthiew Fenaert, CEO of the Real Valladolid. 222222 Despite this, as the AS has learned, the resounding statements of Ronaldo han caused surprise at the Consistory, from where they refer to this meeting to continue talking about this matter.

With all, as listed David Espinar, director of the presidency cabinet, during this summer different works have been carried out, the main one, the Elimination del foso, where Ronaldo - he joked - feared that crocodiles would appear. “We have changed the seats of the antepalcos and the area above the box, the VIP boxes, the dining areas; we have installed a new marker, we have made new changing rooms and gyms, we have established the smoking ban and installed lathes that allow reentry if someone wants to go out to do it ... ”, cited Espinar.


The great workhorse remains los baths, which They register the largest number of complaints of those who arrive at the digital mailbox established by Real Valladolid to interact with the fans. Despite having changed pieces such as covers or cisterns and having painted the floor of all those who have had time, there is still that need, which is intended to be undertaken in depth as soon as José Zorrilla is part of the heritage of the club.

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