Roglic, solid leader: "I am one step closer to victory"

The Slovenian defended himself well from the attacks in Guadarrama and is in two stages, ending in Toledo and Gredos, to conquer his first major.

Primoz Roglic needed to be compensated in the Sierra de Guadarrama of his error on his way to Guadalajara, when he was not attentive to the cut in which Nairo Quintana leaked. And the Slovenian again showed his most serious face, defending himself perfectly from the accelerations of his rivals, especially Miguel Ángel López, but also Alejandro Valverde. On the podium he was smiling and was looking at his wife and son. It was a good day for the Jumbo: “I had good legs and I could defend myself. 2 The team also did a good job because, when I was alone, Powless was waiting for me from the break. What happened on the way to Guadalajara served to learn. That I was left alone? My teammates were throwing many kilometers ”, explained the leader of the Vuelta, who also entered second and got a bonus on Valverde. 222222

Roglic, who still expects“ a lot of battle to Madrid ”, does see“ one step closer to victory ” after leaving unscathed yesterday's exam. Alejandro Valverde also regained second place, but was tied by the race situation despite Lopez's attempts: "We had him controlled, but I couldn't collaborate because Nairo was having a hard time behind him." As for his victory options, it was realistic: “You are seeing that Roglic is very strong. I don't know what can be done. There are two hard days left and we can continue to earn or give up time. ”

And it is that, as the Murcian said, the leaders of this Tour“ are some days good and others bad ”. Yesterday it was his turn to suffer Pogacar, the 20-year-old from the UAE who accused the wear in what is his first three-week race. 2 “I had a bad day, I did what I could and I am a bit disappointed,” said the Slovenian , who went down to the fifth position of the general. 444444 Superman López: “I have to try it again and again”

a Colombian party in Guadarrama had Sergio Higuita as the protagonist, but Superman López, the leader of the Astana who was not left behind It was the favorite that tried it most on the way to Becerril. Although there were times when he seemed to put his rivals in check, with a strategy in which he had Omar Fraile as the best collaborator, finally his combativeness served to make Pogacar faint, to which he snatched the best young white jersey, and Nairo , who was approached in the fight for the podium. “They were the two objectives,” said the 25-year-old from Boyacense, who stressed that the white jersey makes him excited because it is the last year he can wear it. 2

, but only 46 "from getting into the third place on the podium that Nairo Quintana still holds. 2 However, his role in the race, facing the Gredos stage, can go further because after days like yesterday, the Astana seems to have enough courage to try to blow up the race through the air: “I recovered time from several rivals based on trying again and again. If the forces are with me, that must continue to be the way. ” , this is my way of running and that also makes me persuade myself to keep trying until the end and get a bonus from where there is none. ” in extremely offensive strategies (his first start yesterday was more than 60 km to the end): “Sometimes the stages look like a puzzle in which you have to know how to fit the pieces. If it is achieved, you can opt for everything. Leave Roglic? You can see how strong he is, but I don't think it's impossible ”

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