Roglic is a solid leader

The red jersey of the Tour of Spain faces the last week of competition with good feelings. "It's better than in the Giro," says its director.

In the parking lot of the Jumbo hotel in Rubena (Burgos), where the Dutch team spent the rest day, Primoz Roglic decided, seeing the incessant rain, that his training would consist of a roller session. He put on his helmets and, with his eyes fixed, seemed to think about the five stages he has left to, at 29, win his first big. His rivals, on the other hand, wonder if the same thing will happen to him as in the past Giro, when the Movistar was able to unleash him on the mountain of the final stretch. "It will never happen to me again," the Slovenian always responds to this question, who only loses his concentration and his face lights up when he receives a visit from his wife and a few-month-old son, who accompany him throughout the race in a caravan where you can see the name of the cyclist and a flag of Slovenia.


Both his family and his team are convinced of his victory in this Tour and do not want to make parallels with what happened to him in Italy. "It is a different situation. The Roglic that has reached this Tour is cooler. Think that the Giro came after running much more. Now, it has arrived with hardly any races. Since the end of the Giro has only disputed the Slovenian Championships" , explains Addy Engels, director of the Dutch team, who also led Dumoulin, at the Sunweb, in the Vuelta he lost in 2015.

Almost at the same time that Roglic trains concentrated and Engels talks with AS, the Jumbo makes public, with a fun video with the Barça De Jong player among its protagonists, that the Slovenian renews until 2023, an announcement aimed at nothing distracting the runner from his great goal. Despite having Kruijswijk and incorporating Tom Dumoulin for the next season, the team never thought of releasing the dominator of the Tour. "He has a leader mentality and acts as such. I give an example: dinner after the Torrevieja chrono. It was a disaster for us! Fall, we lost time ... He sat down at the table that night and began to make jokes with everyone. He explained that this was the situation he had to face and that they would get it ".

An example of how difficult it is to put the Slovenian nervous: " It is very quiet. The same thing that transmits in the race. feet on the ground ". A feature that may have to do with his previous discipline, since the Slovenian was a ski jumper: " I do not think that the preparation he was carrying then has to do with his physical performance on the bike. But perhaps from the mental point of view They are two sports that are very individual, that carry a great strength ".

However, Engels points out that " to win a great lap Roglic can not achieve only ", but has a huge team that supports him with names like Kuss, winner in Holly, Bennett, Tony Martin ... "They are being very, very important." And the Jumbo-Visma is becoming one of the most powerful teams in the squad. " A new Sky? No, no ... we are another different team, but it also aspires to be one of the strongest in the world" .

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