Real Madrid recover the James-Benzema connection

The Frenchman was one of the best partners of the Colombian in his first white stage, and vice versa. On Saturday they remembered him in the association for 2-0.

The match against Levante reinforced a very topical idea at Real Madrid: sometimes the past is the future. The 2-0, born of the sum of the class of James (assistant) and Benzema (scorer), led to Real Madrid to previous seasons. In the first stage of the Colombian in the Bernabéu, only attended Cristiano in more goals than Benzema, who corresponded with the same statistics in reverse.

From 2014-15 to 2016-17, James distributed 40 assists. Of these, 11 went to CR7 and 9 to Benzema. 2 In that same period, Karim gave 31 goal passes: 16 to Cristiano and 4 to the French. 2 Taking the Portuguese out of the equation, while they agreed, no one attended Benzema more than James and nobody connected with James as Benzema. 222222

In his reunion, has been enough with 88 minutes, the 57 that coincided against Valladolid and the 31 that took to build the goal against Levante, to be understood again as if there were no Time passed Both two strokes, first the Colombian with his precise control-pass and then the Frenchman with his successful control-shot, rescued a very celebrated association by the stands. From that well you can get a lot of Zidane. 222222

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