New York vibrates with Nadal

Nadal overcame a bad start and crushed Cilic after raising the audience with a couple of incredible points. It already has 40 rooms in Grand Slams. His rival will be Schwartzman.

This chronicle could have told that Rafa Nadal overcame a bad day to move to the quarterfinals of the US Open, the 40th time that comes to that round in Grand Slams (9th in New York) . And so it was until in the fourth game of the third set he reacted with that fury that he pulls on demand, when he needs it, and that almost always works for him. 444444

The Balearic had lost the second set against Marin Cilic (the first one who gives in the tournament), after winning the Initial more by inertia and demerits of the rival than by his good game. But in a moment of inspiration, it would be said that divine, raised the audience from their seats with a couple of incredible points in that game referred to above, and the future of the game changed completely. First he put one of those shots on his back that dominates and then defended himself with a very high balloon that Cilic did not know how to crush; Nadal replied with a new balloon and when it came again the ball placed a tremendous winning blow of crossed backhand. His friend Tiger Woods, who suffered and cursed in the stands of the Arthur Ashe Stadium (discovered already without risk of rain), hallucinated like the rest of the respectable. 222222 From there, an 11-2 devastator of Rafa with whom he took in front of the Balkan, stunned, that for dessert almost fits two threads. In the end, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 and 6-2 in 2h: 49.

Nadal suffered with his service at the start of the match, but finished with 83% of points won with first; the drive, which did not run much from the start, then reached him to send the ball to the lines; with the reverse he opened tremendous angles, stepped forward a little to subtract and placed more direct serves (11) and more winning shots in total (38) than his rival, without needing to climb much to the net. All in a wonderful hour and peak of tennis that culminated with a winner outside the net who had the audience screaming for a minute, while the Tiger celebrated it as if he had put a hole in one. 2 “It's easy to describe and difficult of doing. It takes a bit of luck, ”he said later. 444444 Good run

In that very resounding way, Nadal managed to get into the top eight of a great for the ninth time in a row since Luxembourg's Muller got him off in the second round of Wimbledon 2017. And he has every time closer and possible the glory of a new title, which would be the 19th. On his way, that nothing has had to do at the end with what was expected according to the ranking of his rivals, is this Wednesday Diego Schwartzman, with whom he has a balance of 7-0. If he surpasses the Argentine, he could face them in the semifinals with Monfils or maybe Berrettini, before a hypothetical and historical final against Federer, since it would be his first duel in the New York championship. 222222

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