Nadal: "I changed things so that the game was in my hand"

Rafa Nadal was very happy after defeating Marin Cilic in the round of Roland Garros. In quarters it will be measured with Schwartzman. "I hope to be well," he said.

Rafael Nadal got into the quarterfinals of the US Open by defeating Marin Cilic in four sets (6-3, 3-6, 6-1 and 6-2). The Spaniard showed his best tennis of the entire tournament and raised the fans several times. The last time was at the penultimate point of the crash, which he was asked to explain. “It's easy to explain, hard to do (laughs)… He made a good bowling, I saw it and ran fast. I saw a small space and went for it. To make that kind of points you also have to have some luck ”, he said


On the key moment of the game, after the second round, Nadal explained the variations he introduced. “In many moments of the second set many points were in his hands. I was far behind when subtracting, and he was very determined and hit the ball very hard. Tras that set I thought about changing things, because I could win, but it depended on him. I started to return the second one more inside, and that made the points were in my hand, ”he revealed. During the crash, Tiger Woods was seen enjoying Rafa's tennis and then the manacorí got rid of praise for the golfer. “It's much better that I don't see my swing (laughs). It is an honor to play before all of you, but being here Tiger is much more. I've never had great idols, but if I had to say one it would be él, ”he said. Finally, Nadal spoke of his next rival, Schwartzman. “ I am very happy that he won. I will have to play my best tennis. I hope it is good because I will have my options, ”he concluded. The night sessions in New York cannot be better. ” About the conditions of the night game, the Balearic has no problems:“ At night the balls do not bounce so much, I like to play at that time, it is not problematic ”. He also reflected on the improvement of his service and the fact of having placed more aces than his rival, a specialist: “For Cilic, ten aces are not many. I have improved, but especially the speed of the seconds. I know that I always have to improve my serve. ”

And he said that he experienced it during the game was special, but not up to the importance of other games in the Big Apple: today I would not place them among the most intense. 2 The penultimate blow has been special and exciting, and it gave me a match point, but I had almost won it. The fourth game of the third set has been important and everything has changed. ”

Finally, Rafa spoke about the service clock: It has gone very fast. The chair judge must understand when he has to press the stopwatch. Today I felt tight. The same chair judge who gave me the warning by mistake the other day, today he has done it again, but this time I had not realized that time had passed, it was well marked ”.

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