Mina rescues a point on the last play

The striker scored in the last action. Pedrosa passed Espanyol and Pipa forgave the second in 90 '. The point keeps both teams in the lower area of the table.

Celta came out in a trumpet for the game, with a suffocating high pressure and a quick combination near the Spanish area. Rafinha, Aspas and Denis begin to understand each other wonderfully and that is bad news for any rival. Mina does not stop cheating, Olaza is a machine to put perfect centers and Lobotka knows what to do at all times. Thus, Espanyol was overtaken by events, did not stop shrinking water in the first part and only the lack of celestial aim allowed them to arrive with the tie to rest. Because Mina had a goal sung at a quarter of an hour, but the ball did not want to come in. 2 Because Rafinha took his left-footed shot for half an hour, but the ball did not want to enter. Because Araujo invented an impossible header, but the ball did not want to enter. And because Mina did not reach a center of Aspas that only had to push. That was what gave oxygen to the parrots, who received the rest as water of May.


Visitors thanked the break between the two acts to gain strength. Three minutes after the restart, they managed to get to get on the scoreboard thanks to Pedrosa, who took advantage of a gift from Calleri to dial in an empty door. The blow was hard for Celta, who was knocked out and was about to pay dearly on the next play. Again Pedrosa enjoyed an opportunity, but this time Rubén denied him the glory. In the final section, the vigueses launched themselves desperately in search of a tie, with a lot of heart and a little head, but they found no gaps in the parakeet. In fact, the only occasion of the second part came in charge of Aspas, who tried luck almost without an angle and failed to find goal.

In the last minute of the game, with the Celta fully overturned, Espanyol had a golden backlash to settle the shock. It was four against Aidoo and Rubén and yet won the battle the goalkeeper, clearing Pipa's shot. Of that sure play that they are still lamenting in the Spanish vesutario because Celta managed to tie in the last play of the match. Mallo center and Mina's final header to the net. The vigueses rescue a point on the horn and prevent Gallego from breathing with greater tranquility but he said he was very happy for the "great game" that his soccer players made. 444444

"We have to try to be more forceful but that cannot be demanded. I will not sentence anyone for that action. Another day we will have to win or draw in the minute 95. I will not hold anyone responsible. The team has made a great match in all facets ", declared in a press conference. 444444

Galgo said he was" very sad "for the result, but insisted that the goal of Celta He arrives with a "very deep" center and then Santi Mina makes "a spectacular goal" .

"I have put the team back or they have put us back" , replied the coach ico del Espanyol when asked if with the changes he had put his own in his own field: "I am very offensive but I know that players get tired and tired. We have defended very well except in that last action in which, without doing it badly, they put us a great goal ".

Despite the" blow "that supposed the tie in the time of discount, Gallego was" "super convinced" that the team "is going to throw up" and is going to make "a good season" .


Fran Escribá, coach of Celta de Vigo, considered "fair" the draw against Espanyol even though the goal came in the last action of the game with a great header from Santi Mina, although he was also critical of his team because in the second part "we were bad, very thick" .

"The second 45 minutes were the worst of the season, we affected what the team He did well in the first part.It is not a day to highlight one, perhaps Fran's work in the center of the field or the centrals.The tie is not unfair by making an analysis of the game because we generate more, especially in the first part "22222 22, he declared 444444

The Celtic coach said he was "satisfied" with the draw but not "with the game", and insisted that they need to be deeper: "We cannot be a team that plays well, that is associated, that easily reach the rival area and then not finish those plays. We have talked to each other, even in today's break ".

Writes do not want to talk about Europe, " on the sixth day it is outrageous to talk about it ", but he is ambitious and is convinced that they will do" ua great season ".

Asked about the comeback of Eibar, which they will visit this Sunday, against Sevilla, he said:" it is better for us to have won that game because it alerts us to what we are going to find there. Eibar is going to take us to a level of maximum demand ".

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