Mercedes is also electric

It presents the Silver Arrow 01 EQ, the car with which they will be released in FAITH. Vandoorne and De Vries, their pilots. "We aim high and want to surprise," Wolff warns.

The beast that has spent five years devouring titles in the most demanding car category in the world, and that is on its way to adding a sixth with relative comfort, has set its sights on another dam. He doesn't have enough to be afraid of the Formula 1 grill, his voracity is irrepressible and he also wants to do the same thing dressed in an electric suit. Today is not an ordinary day: Mercedes arrives at Formula E. And it does so with the ambition to win that its three-pointed star demands and with the intention of doing it soon. last season and go preparing the way of his arrival, but the official project started at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the presentation of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow 012 the first electric silver arrow that has a design similar to that of its brother of F1: its characteristic silver color that degrades until it ends up being black in a back dotted with three-point stars and two lines of electric blue that run through the entire chassis. Impressive. 444444

Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries will be in charge of fighting for the pride of the German manufacturer on the asphalt. 2 The Belgian was already part of HWA, has a year of experience in the category and is "extremely proud to belong to the Mercedes family ":" It's an honor and an exciting project for everyone. " While the Dutchman replaces Gary Paffett, two-time DTM champion who had no luck in the FAITH. "It is a very special feeling that I am asked to drive for Mercedes in the FAITH," says the current leader of the F2.

The head of the F1 team, Toto Wolff, was on the spot to support the launch project that began two years ago when they made "the decision to make the transition from passenger cars to FAITH": "We came to FAITH as newbies, but when you're fighting for the top positions in F1, you can't get here and Seek to be the second best. 2 We want to fight for victories and titles, but we have to learn. I think that this year we will be able to surprise you with some good times. "

arrives with them, Porsche), in addition to others such as DS Techeetah, the current champions. "These brands have a lot of tradition, but they left us alone in F1 and we are the only gladiators there. Here we aim high and want to surprise, we are excited to face them," Wolff adds. His counterpart in the electric paddock is Ian James. 2 "We will do our best to ensure success," he says. A beast is loose in FAITH. They are notified 444444

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