Mercedes did not limit its engine in Monza after the failures of Spa

Toto Wolff confirms that Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas used the engine maps that Brixworth engineers recommended for testing in Italy.

One of the unknowns of the Italian Grand Prix 2019 was to verify if the reliability failures experienced by the 'Spec 3' of Mercedes in the cars of Robert Kubica and Sergio Pérez in the Belgian Grand Prix 2019 were going to affect the performance of the W10 in the long lines of Monza.


A question whose answer is "no." Toto Wollf has confirmed after the test in the Lombardy region that Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas did not receive any order from Andy Cowell to use a more conservative engine map than initially projected at the Brixworth factory for the fourteenth Formula World Championship test 1 2019.

"No, we have not limited the engine maps. We have made it work as planned. I am really happy to have reached the end with the third specification," Wolff said before remarking that the technicians in southern Northamptonshire have Having ascertained the reasons for the difference in power with respect to the Maranello propeller: "I would say that we understand it well and we have to close the gap. 2 Obviously, understanding what the problem is is the first step in trying to reduce the distance."

"Now we just have to look to the future", has finished the competition director of the pentacampeones in 'Motorsport'. A coming where you can see more favorable paths for the characteristics of the silver arrow such as Marina Bay or Suzuka to revalidate both championships.


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